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Latifa Ahrar, Best Actress for her Role in Kafer el Naom’s play

Latifa Ahrar, Best Actress for her Role in Kafer el Naom’s play

By Yassmine Zerrouki

Morocco World News

Fez, April 2, 2012

Kafer el Naom play has again stirred a lot of controversy and debate for the two prizes it won in the second edition of Rabat’s Festival of Theater last Friday, 30th March. Latifa Ahrar, Kafer el Naom’s actress and directror, was awarded Best Actress Prize for her role in Kafer el Naom, along with the Synagroph Tarik Rebah who also won a prize for the same play.

Latifa Ahrar expressed her happiness and satisfaction for the best actress prize which she considers a “culmination for all her efforts” and for The Friends Theater band’s. Ahrar also claims that the winning of best clothing design is a clear message to all those who criticize the clothes that she appeared with on stage.

Latifa Ahrar appeared partially nude in her play Kafr el Noam. The audience was shocked to see Ahrar gradually strip her clothes and lay half-naked on the stage. Many Moroccans have considered Ahrar’s role in Kafer el Naom as a revolutionary act that is not very much expected or even accepted in a society that abides by rules and known as conservative.

Latifa Ahrar was harshly criticized for her role in her Kafer el Naom and the whole play turned out to a shocking scene for the Moroccan audience. All this has provoked the public scene of art in Morocco to question the relationship between freedom and art.

With all the controversy over Kafer el Naom, the play won two prizes in Rabat which again put everything for debate and which, actually, calls for an urgent reconsideration to the position of art in Morocco.

The following is a list of all the winners of this year edition Theater Festival in Rabat:

Best actress: Latefa Ahrar for her role in Kafer el Naom.

Best actor: Adil Aba Trab for his role in Tamarin fe Tassamoh.

Award Clothing: Tarik Ribeh; Kafer el Naom.

Script award: Kahled Didan for ‘‘ Belkehel, wa el abyed, wa al Alouane’’ play.

Synography award: Sara Reghay for Tamarin fe Tassamoh play.

Filmmaker award: Mahmoud Chahedi; Tamarin fe Tassamo.

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  • shiima

    yeah~ well if I were there I’d rather go out than continue watching shameless behaviors , sorry but if we really against what she does in every occasion , we’d rather stop support her as actress or whatever !!

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