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Students in Ain Chok faculty of Letters and Humanities spearhead protests against a University professor

By Loubna Flah

Morocco World News

Casablanca, April 4, 2012

According to the National Union of Students in Morocco, the English department students in Ain Chok faculty of Letters and Humanities in Casablanca, went on strike last Thursday, March 22nd to contest the “ exploitation “ they were subject to by one of their professors . One of the students who took part in the protest told MWN that students lived in a climate of fear and were constantly showered with insults.

The litigation between the students and their professor reached its apex at the end of March. Students decided to boycott studies until the faculty dean earnestly engages in a bilateral dialogue with the English department students and their representatives.

The students had repeatedly expressed their dissatisfaction with the pressure exerted by this university professor. One of the students revealed that the professor in question requested the students to submit a transcription of Emirati script for free after they refused a job offer since it has no trait with their syllabus. Students were cornered when the teacher imposed the transcription task as an assignment increasing the number of recordings to be transcribed.

The students ‘Union bureau received the students’ plea and tried to rally other groups in the English department to their cause. The Bureau submitted the complaint to the dean of the faculty. Meanwhile, they carried out their boycott movement unflinchingly on Thursday 29th and Friday 30th. They raised the bar by requesting the dean of the faculty to suspend the professor in question.

Subsequent to this altercation, the professor signed an exempt and the whole case was submitted for investigation . Students welcomed the dean’s decision and resumed their classes asserting that they pay a great respect to their professors and expressing their alacrity to achieve higher and to aim for excellence.

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