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Press review of April 4

Rabat, April 4, 2012 (MAP)

Here follows the topics that draw the attention of Moroccan dailies:


Documents involving prominent figures and property developers in real-estate scandals: these documents are about the permission granted to the brother of a former minister to own a public land in Ain Diab, in addition to selling plots of land for 900 dirhams instead of 20,000 officials.

Labor Union (UMT) accuses the government of interfering in the union’s affairs through the bill of law on strikes and that on professional unions.

Education Minister Lahcen Daoudi calls on the department of the Treasury responsible for auditing public bodies to investigate embezzlement of funds of universities.

Tourism minister Lahcen Haddad reacts swiftly to the statements of justice minister Mustapha Ramid on Tourism in Marrakech. He affirms that he is the only official and interlocutor with the head of the government concerning the tourism policy in Morocco.

Consultations between the foreign and energy ministries to agree on a common stand on oil prospecting in the Atlantic waters between the Jaafariyine Islands and the Moroccan Atlantic coasts. Minister of energy Fouad Douiri says that Morocco has no oil and very limited gas reserves but has a promising future in solar energy.


Justice minister Mustapha Ramid announces, before the justice and legislation committee at the lower house, the setting up of a cell composed of four judges tasked with the follow-up of reports by the revenue court and the submission of recommendations to bring lawsuits against some institutions exposed by the said court.

The opposition at the parliament implicitly ask secretary general of the government Driss Dahak to step down.

Head of railways office (ONCF) Mohamed Rabie El Khlie defends the HST project, during a conference to present the office’s financial results, saying that the project with cost the state 1.4% of the investment budget.

Great thinker Mehdi Elmandjra rushed to a private hospital in Casablanca after he felt general discomfort.

Mohamed Fizazi decides to create a party to be dubbed ” the knowledge and work party” and affirms that the Salafiya Sheikhs refused to join the party.


Abdelatif Ouahbi, chairman of PAM party at the house of representatives says that the secretariat general of the government is managed through instructions and orders, urging it to review its working method in conformity with the new constitution.

Mustapha El Khalfi, communication minister and spokesperson of the government says that the terms of reference of TV channel “2M” prohibits the advertisements of gamble games.


Ahmed Midaoui, head of the revenue court, astonished of how some officials are neglecting the reports by the said court.

The communication ministry publishes the list of papers having benefited from subsidies of the State to promote transparency.


Controversy on the prerogatives of ministers rekindled within the government of Benkirane following statements by Mustapha Ramid on Tourism in Marrakech.

Abdelilah Benkirane orders the setting up of a tripartite committee gathering the ministries of equipment and transport, of Interior and of justice and liberties. The committee will be in charge of dealing with the problems of the transport sector, and submitting proposals to amend the traffic regulations.


Court of revenue receives 105,000 declarations of property since the enforcement of the law on this matter. The number of these documents shows that only few high-ranking officials declared the properties they own.

Head of the revenue court Ahmed Midaoui warns the parliament against meddling in his work and prerogatives and calls for respecting provisions laid in the new constitution on the separation of powers.

Clash between Aziz Rebbah and Mohand Laenser on which minister should be in charge of supervising school and civil servants transportation: the equipment or the interior ministry.


Anas Sefrioui, president of the Addoha holding says that he intends to propose to the government a housing program benefiting the middle class with encouraging prices, noting the flat’s price will not exceed 500,000 dirhams in return of tax reduction.


Health minister Houssein El Ouardi hails major projects carried out in the sector and commits to carry on the work that had been done, underling that he has excellent and solid ties with former health minister Yasmina Baddou.

Several women at the camps of Tindouf from different Sahrawi tribes set up a committee to prompt the departure of the separatists and their leader Mohamed Abdelaziz.


The state granted 285 million dirhams to press outlets within seven years. A report by the communication ministry says that “Le Matin du Sahara et du Maghreb” along with seven other papers share half of the subsidy.


Head of the revenue court Ahmed El Midaoui criticizes the head of the government saying that the fight against corruption should not be based on simple statements but on the implementation of the law by those who are constitutionally entitled to do so.


Tourism: Controversy on Marrakech made the minister Haddad react. The cohesion of the government majority takes another blow. The reaction of the tourism minister was swift following the video by justice minister Mustapha Ramid, where he said that “tourists come from all over the world to Marrakech to commit sins.”

The 2012 appropriation bill: the details of a hundred of amendments which will be voted in parliament. The adoption of the 2012 budget is delaying which will affect the Moroccan economy.


The 2012 budget: the main amendments of the majority and the opposition. The majority groups submitted on Monday their amendments while those of the opposition chose to do it separately. Economy minister will be faced tomorrow with the dilemma of the vote on proposals of amendments by the majority and the opposition.

Access to information: the mistakes on the government sites. The modernization of the administration hinges on the internet. Ministries and state bodies using their websites to show their achievements and projects are scarce. Their websites are not updated.


A public audiovisual holding company. A new restructuring of TV channel 2M, Soread and the SNRT is emerging. The communication ministry is revamping the old project and will submit it next week to the finance ministry.


The deterioration of the security situation in Mali threatens all the countries of the Sahara and the Sahel: a new anti-terrorist strategy is vital. Morocco, which condemned the military coup in Bamako, in conformity with its democratic tenets, cannot remain silent about the worsening of the security situation in its Sahel neighborhood.

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