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Morocco, Guest of Honor at the International Book and Press Fair of Geneva

By Nidal Chebbak

Morocco World News

Fez, April 22, 2012

Morocco will be the guest of honor at the 26th edition of the International Book and Press Fair scheduled to take place on April 25-29 in Geneva. The kingdom’s presence at the international fair coincides this year with the commemoration of 50 years of friendly relations between Morocco and Switzerland. A special pavilion at the fair will be dedicated to exhibit the richness and diversity of the cultural heritage of Morocco.

The pavilion will be set on an area of 2000 square meters, which will be divided into several theme areas. The latter will celebrate Moroccan history and culture at various dimensions, as well as the diverse Moroccan identity and the renewed creativity in different fields.

The book fair program will include discussion sessions about the Moroccan book, seminars on the current political and cultural developments taking place in Morocco, meetings of tribute to different deceased Moroccan writers with a special celebration of women’s and youth’s writings, in addition to a workshop on Arabic calligraphy.

The different theme areas into which the pavilion will be divided are:

-“Kitab” theme area is a bookshop that will provide the works of Moroccan established and aspiring writers.

-“Qalam” theme area will host an exhibition of artifacts, manuscripts and special old books.

-“Diwan” theme area will be reserved for art books, which will be accompanied by technical materials for handicrafts, as well as a tea ceremony, a spice bazaar, an Andalusian garden and information on artistic vocations.

-“Fonoon” theme area will celebrate a century of Moroccan creativity in painting and sculpture though an exhibition of some of the finest paintings and sculptures by distinguished Moroccan artists.

-“Douira” theme area will be an opportunity for lovers of Moroccan food to participate in a workshop on Moroccan cuisine.

-“Hiwar” theme area will host round-tables and debates on current issues of interest to Morocco and Switzerland, especially the Arab Spring, immigration, the status of Women, and the new constitution with the participation of Moroccan writers, intellectuals and diplomats.

The Moroccan authors who will represent Morocco at the International Book and Press Fair in Geneva are as follows:

Aboudrar Abdesselam, Adnan Taha, Ammi Kebir Mustapha, Assid Ahmed, Baroudi Ahmed, Ben Jelloun Tahar, Benamour Abdelali, Benzine Rachid, Berrada Mohammed, Berrada Mohammed, Binebine Mahi, Bouhlal Siham, Boukous Ahmed, Bounfour Abdellah, Bourkia Hassan, Chaghmoum El Miloudi, Daki Aziz, Daoud Zakya, El Yamani Hayat, El Yazami Driss, Elalamy Youssouf Amine, Essalmi Nadia, Guessous Maria, Hachimi Alaoui Amina, Hal Fatema, Hamdane Halima, Harchi Kaoutar, Hmoudane Mohamed, Janjar Mohamed Sghir, Jay Salim, Jlok Mustapha, Kabbal Maati, Kassou Abderrahim, Kharmoudi Mustapha, Khrouz Driss, Lamrabet Rachida, Laroui Fouad, Mehadji Najia, Naciri Rabéa, Naji Jamal-Eddine, Najmi Hassan, Nedali Mohamed, Terrab Sonia, Tozy Mohamed, Yamou Abderrahim.

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