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“To save France: Vote for Nicolas Sarkozy”, said Tariq Ramadan

By Mourad Anouar

Morocco World News

Oklahoma City, April 28, 2012

In a an ironic call to “save France”, the Muslim Swiss intellectual Ramadan launched a statement Friday on his official site urging the French people to vote for Sarkozy. His sarcastic call came a day after Ramadan had expressed his wish not support either Sarkozy or Holland.

In his statement that was written in French, Ramadan goes on to say “in visit in Berlin, I discussed with politicians and members the government Mrs. Angela Merkel. I listened to them to be explained the force and the glorious future of the axis Sarkozy-Merkel. An incredible chance for Europe. Perfumes of this conquering Germany which fascine so much President Nicolas Sarkozy made me become aware of the meanness which animates and agitates the French political debate between the two rounds of the presidential election.”

The professor of contemporary Islamic Studies at the University of Oxford ended his statement by saying” this is why (…) I launch an solemn call to all the French, all without exception, partisans and voters of François Holland or Marine Le Pen, Jean-Luc Mélenchon or Francois Bayrou, and even of Philippe Poutou To save France: Vote for Nicolas Sarkozy, Nicolas Sarkozy, it is dignity, Nicolas Sarkozy is Safety! In France, in Germany and abroad!

It is believed that Tariq’s statement was a response to an interview of Sarkosy with TF1 eralier this week, in which the outgoing French presidential candidate said “This is a man (Tariq Ramadan) who solicits votes for Hollande.” “And I have never heard Hollande say it bothers him.”
Ramadan denounced Sarkozy’s latest allegation in a phone interview with France 24 Thursday, calling it “a mean and unacceptable lie”.
French observers believe that as the final round of France’s presidential vote is approaching, the incumbent Nicholas Sarkozy is desperate to seek every winnable vote by trying to link his strong rival François Hollande to the controversial Islamic thinker Tariq Ramadan.

Mourad Anouar is a Moroccan writer, novelist and poet. He received his bachelor’s in Journalism and a minor in German from the University of Central Oklahoma. He is the author of several poems and short stories both in Arabic and English.

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