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Please Stop Slaughtering Muslims in Burma

By Rachid Acim

Morocco World  News

Beni Mellal, Morocco, July 14, 2012

Over the past few weeks, there has been a photo circulating on Facebook and other social networking platforms. It does not epitomize any natural disaster like earthquakes or flooding, but it is a Tsunami that has befallen on the Muslim community in Burma. This photo went viral.

Some might argue that this image was not taken in Burma. However, given the media blackout over what is happening in this country, it might at least help us have an idea of the extent of the massacre that befell the Muslim minority there.

As of Friday it has received 14,963 likes and had been shared online for about more than 41,240 times.  Clearly, the image speaks out for the shocking way in which Muslims in Burma are treated and portrayed. They are being persecuted, slain and sodomized for no reasonable reason but detestation and abhorrence.

All the sententious comments attached to the horrifying image had one thing in common. They tended to criticize the international community and Western media in particular for its silence, also for not focusing on this horrendous crime done against humanity in the name of a woman.

One comment said, “We don’t know how frail and feeble we are…we suddenly turn into corpses unable to move and do something about our terrible situation.” Another comment, in an Egyptian voice read these words, “Sufficient unto us is the Almighty. Even in Burma, there exists a mad dog not different from Mr. al-Assad!” A third comment, which sounds worse, stated, “Start killing the Buddhists around the world.” As for the other comments, they submissively turn to God for more help.

The loathsome image hurts human emotions. This is far worse than a war on terror. It is not a holocaust but a ferocious butchery committed against a small minority of Muslims. This calls to mind the numberless atrocities against Muslims in Bosnia and Chechnya. The same old story repeated again and again. There is seemingly a feeling of strong aversion and enmity to Muslims living in this small Asian country called Burma.

Some narratives suggested that the massacre of Muslims there started immediately when a Muslim gang raped and murdered a Buddhist woman. Either true or false, such incident could not lead to all this bloodshed.

What is a court for? But to send the evil-doers and culprits to jail regardless of their dissimilar beliefs. Justifying the crime for the above incident will indicate one thing. The court in Burma needs to reconsider its laws. They are not unbiased.

The Muslim minority needs the world protection. It will be indeed a real catastrophe if we just keep watching passively without moving ahead. Such crimes targeting Burmese Muslims will get multiplied and the feelings of vengeance are more likely to occur and increase in the future.

A government which is incapable of restoring order into the country is to be overthrown. We need to guarantee a safe environment for peace and stability for all minorities wherever they are.

Sectarian and ethnic divisions can be more alarming.

On Facebook alone, three pages have been recently created to show solidarity with the Muslims of Burma.

Support Muslims in Burma,” is a page that is supporting Muslims in Burma who are being killed, raped and burned everyday and every moment.

Stop killing Muslims in Burma” is another page showing fierce violence and extermination of Muslim mosques, victimizations of Muslims in the same country — Burma.

Save Muslims in Burma,” aims at stopping the ethnic discrimination and killings of the Burmese people descending from a Muslims background.

Some of the images I came across displayed totally naked children crying and sobbing for the separation of their parents, blackened children stocked like dead fish with their eyes looking down at the ground, handcuffed, and some people in military uniforms standing behind, like shepherds watching a cattle.

These images of ethnic discrimination, bigotry and racism should reinforce to us all to react now. Human peace and inter-religious dialogue we had struggled for centuries ago is at risk.

Some of the images that have been broadcast by certain news channels are more likely to trigger a sort of tension between the Muslim world and the Buddhists. The main and pioneering figure, Buddha, is recognized as an awakened and enlightened teacher that has shared insight to end hatred and suffering; he did not contribute to do that himself.

But I’m somewhat sure, if the situation worsens, more and more people will give up Buddhism and embrace another doctrine. Does Buddhism preach violence?

Budha says no.

These ignorant people who target Muslims merely for their creeds and religious orientations are definitely astray; they are away from the teachings of this virtuoso; they will never savor any agreeable moment like nirvana as their hands have been tarnished with Muslims’ blood.

They are blindly controlled by vindictive attitudes, threatening the whole society in Myanmar, and even worse, bringing our beautiful world to dark ages.

A friend of mine promised to write an article in French to make the world alert to the never-ending afflictions of Muslims in Burma. Another friend took it upon himself to create another page on Facebook and then exposed the whole matter worldwide.

What about world leaders, more particularly Mr. Obama?

 The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Morocco World News’ editorial policy

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