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Moroccan Ramadan cuisine: a recipe for Briwat

By Layla Dahamou

Morocco World News

Tinejdad, August 4, 2012

Briwat are deep-fried stuffed turnover made with dough as thin as phyllo pastry called warka. They are very famous among Moroccan families. During Ramadan, Moroccans usually prepare them for ftour meals. Briwat have a special triangular shape as their irresistible sweet taste. The word Briwat is the plural form of the word “Briwa” which, in Moroccan Arabic, means letters. Frankly, they are worth carrying the message of Moroccan authentic taste and they reveal the secrets of Moroccan cuisine. In simple steps, you will be able to make your own Briwat.


1 kg phyllo dough or Moroccan warqa ( fine layered pastry)

1kg Almonds

1 half a cup of tea blossom water

150 g butter

1tsp ground cinnamon

1 half a kilo of powder sugar

1 litter oil for frying

1 kg of honey

2 tbsp of flour in half cup of water

Way of preparation

Boil and peel almonds then dry them with a clean tissue.

In a blender put peeled Almonds, sugar and blossom water then mix well.

Add cinnamon and butter then mix well again.

Make from the ground almonds small balls in the size of walnuts

stuffing Briwat

Cut the phyllo dough to the medium-sized rectangles

 In a small bowl mix a half cup of water and one tablespoonful of flour.

Place one ball of ground almonds on the edge of the rectangle, and then cover the ball with the dough to make a triangle

Move the phyllo dough right and left till we get a triangle

Using a brush, put some mixer of water and flour on the last tip of the dough and close the Briwa.

Do the same work for all the balls.

Heat oil and fry the Briwat till their colour is golden.

Dip Briwat in honey and drain them.

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