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Morocco receives new F-16s from the United States

By Tarik Elbarakah

Morocco World News

Agadir, August 31, 2012

Morocco will penetrate soon the very elite group of air forces of the world after receiving the final three of 24 F-16 fighter aircraft from the American manufacturer Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, reports

The three fighters have left Lockheed Martin’s facility in Texas, USA on their way to their new home in Morocco, subsequent to performing experimental flights and check out routines.

The Royal Moroccan Air Force took delivery of the first four F-16s from a total of twenty four aircrafts at a ceremony at Ben Guerir Air Base north of Marrakech on August 4, 2011 marking the presence of officials from US Air Force and their counterparts from Morocco.

Major General Margaret Woodward from the US Air Force said that “the remaining F-16 fighters would be delivered in the following months”.

In his turn, General Abdelali Houari, Deputy Inspector of the Royal Moroccan Air Force (RMAF) said “We are modernizing our fleet and we’ve chosen the F-16, not only because it is a high-quality airplane, but also because of the close relationship we have with the United States”.

The operation enables Morocco to be the 25th nation to order the F-16. This operation also comes in the process of Morocco’s upgrading of its armed forces by buying large amounts of military equipment, including fighters, trainer aircraft and frigates.

RMAF also wants to make sure that the air arm remains credible and effective to keep up with the escalating race towards owning sophisticated arms such as Algeria’s purchase of 28 Su-30MKAs in 2007-2008.

The RMAF has around 60 warplanes and a substantial number of helicopters and it has recently made new purchases, such as four Alenia Aeronautica C-27J Spartan transport aircraft and upgrading 27 of its Dassault Mirage F1s.

The current owned F-16s are based at Ben Guerrir Air Base, which is a former US base about 57 km north of Marrakech and once used as a transatlantic abort landing site for space shuttles.

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  • zionistslayer

    The fact that Morocco just threw away Millions and Millions of dollars to purchase war planes is a source of great shame for me as a Moroccan.

    Morocco needs F-16s like a hole in the head. Morocco has a defecit the size of the grand canyon – has no real exports to speak of – has less than 2 months in foreign currency reserves – a dysfunctional ministry of Education (in fact most ministries are dysfunctional) and the Military gets new F-16s to continue an arms race against Algeria?

    Are you kidding me?

    If Morocco ever had a war against Algeria, it would be over in about 12 hours – Algeria would destroy Morocco by hitting all of the Dams in Morocco with very cheap mortars and Morocco would destroy Algeria by hitting its Petrol stations – thus depriving it of a way of continuing to have a functioning economy.

    This is MAD. Algeria & Morocco are being played by the west the same way Iraq and Iran were played by the west.

    The purchase of these pieces of flying junk serves only the traitors who head the Moroccan Military, the corrupt politicians and the share holders of Lockheed Martin who are almost in shock that anyone would still want to purchase F-16’s with modified gas tanks and limited carriages…. oh did I forget to mention that? The F-16s that Morocco is bankrupting itself to purchase cannot even reach Tel Aviv and they have built in tracking systems which allow them to be downed by satelite – should Morocco ever not be ruled by a puppet regime.

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