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Ain Leuh, Morocco: A Village without Prostitution

By Bader Oulamine

Morocco World News

Rabat, September 13, 2012

Prostitution is the act or practice of providing sexual services to another person in return for payment. It may be the world’s oldest profession. It is an adopted practice for ages and it has been very normal for many communities.

One of which is the town of Ain Leuh, 138 miles (222 km) southwest of Rabat whose inhabitants revolted against such a practice. Ain Leuh is a very beautiful town located in the heart of the Atlas Mountain, a few miles away from the Ifrane National Park in Morocco.

The inhabitant of Ain Leuh, the grit of a group of heroes who changed the course of history for the charming village, first gathered and decided to work towards enhancing the infrastructure of the village.

The inhabitant of Ain Leuh demonstrated to have a village without prostitution. (Bader Oulamine-MWN)
The inhabitant of Ain Leuh demonstrated to have a village without prostitution. (Bader Oulamine-MWN)

Then they gradually injected the idea of a village without prostitution. As they pushed the walls, the community woke up to the idea of a village without prostitution.

Although and sadly, some people thought that the war on it is futile and forever doomed to fail. There is no effective way to close down a market between willing buyers and sellers.

Naima, a housewife living in the town states, “It is such a shame that Moroccans thinks of the women of Ain Leuh as being similar, most of the prostitutes came from other places and people consider us like them.”

What are the factors that breed prostitution in town? Why are young ladies with promising futures suddenly turning to commercial sex-workers?

Dearth and lack of livelihood avenues had propelled women towards prostitution to keep their hearth burning. Though the practice started as compulsion, it soon became a tradition.

Manar, who used to be a prostitute said “… in this cursed country, where they are rare those who could secure livelihood, we are but to resort to prostitution to have food on the table.’’

Social interaction is an extra aspect that predisposes young ladies to prostitution. The peer group influence cannot be over-emphasized in this regard.

However, prostitution, I believe, will only give fleeting solution to abrupt problems leaving one in a lifetime of regret and psychological trauma.

It also leads to loss of integrity and individual virtues. Besides, prostitution develops a psychological imbalance in the prostitutes.

Aside from the psychological damage of prostitution to the people, it could lead to infection with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as: Staphylococcus, Gonorrhea and HIV/AIDS, which shortens life span.

Yassine Oulamine, a native from town said, “it is a social cancer that should be uprooted.”

After months of struggle and fight of Ain Leuhis, the hard work finally paid off and one can hope that from here on, the village has become what is it meant to be and the ride of these women will be towards a life of dignity.

Mohamed Amine Hachimi, one of the natives of the village told MWN, “now after we uprooted this tumor, we should let the whole world know that prostitution has vanished from the town.” “Finally we took back the dignity we once lost,” he added

It is a great thing that the situation has changed and our daughters will not have to go through what we have endured. At least their lives will be saved.

Abdeslam Ferrati, a young professor said, “We became men who were molded by renewable hardships. Although the nooses and snares of our bitter enemies were meant to hammer us on the anvil of shame, we managed to pass most trials that brave and honest men did pass before us.”

Not everyone was happy though. The pimps in the area were quite angry. One of them was asked about why they did not welcome the eradication of prostitution in the village, he replied: “… leave me alone, I do not want to be a joke.” “It is going to be a scandal if people know my reality,” he added

Some of the people even said they received threatening phone calls and messages. But with the pimps ruing their fate, the great families of the village celebrated.

So many pimps fled the town while the fagots and the cuckolds played the clown with all the rotten business going down.

The people all over the blessed village are happy as the credit for the change goes to all the gold-made Ain Leuhis.

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