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Eric Gerets Officially Dismissed by the Moroccan Federation

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Rabat, September 15, 2012

Eric Gerets, coach of the Moroccan football national team since September 2010, was dismissed on Saturday. The decision to terminate the contract of the former coach of Olympique Marseille and Hilal of Saudi Arabia, was made during a meeting of the board of the Moroccan Football Federation, held Saturday in Rabat.

According to Nafie Rifai, correspondent of the Casablanca-based Radio Mars, Gerets did not take part in the meeting. The same source cited Karim Alem, the Secretary General of the Federation as saying that Gerets “has been dismissed in virtue of an amicable agreement.”

The same source added that Abdelilah Akram, member of the Federation, will be in charge of hiring the new coach of the national team, stressing that the new coach will be Moroccan.

Many news outlets reported on Friday that the members of the Federation had already made that decision and that they were working out the terms of the termination of Gerets’ contract.

Moroccan fans have long called on the Football Federation to put an end to the wave of disastrous performances of the Moroccan team since Gerets was entrusted to lead the squad 2 years ago.

The defeat of the Moroccan team last Sunday in Mozambique was the last straw that forced the members of the Federation to find a replacement to Gerets, and try to breathe a new life into the national team and bring it back to prominence in the international stage.

An observer who asked to speak on condition of anonymity told Morocco World News that the dismissal of Gerets will not solve the problem of the Moroccan team, and that the whole Federation board must resign.

Most Moroccan fans share the same view, stressing that Ali Fassi Fihri has no credentials to be at the helm of the Moroccan Football Federation and that the disastrous situation of Moroccan football originates from his decision to hire an untested coach and present him to the pubic as a world-class technician that would create wonders with the Moroccan team.

Others argue that even if Badou Zaki, the most acclaimed and popular Moroccan coach, is hired to replace Gerets, he would not be able to put together a strong and competitive national team, since the same people who caused his resignation in late 2005 are still on the Federation board.

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