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Morocco: Two girls suffer from gang rape in total absence of justice

Morocco World News

New York, December 22, 2012

Two young girls were kidnapped and raped collectively for a month in total impunity in Tetouan in northern Morocco. According to the account of the two victims, aged 13 and 15 respectively, they were kidnapped when they went to buy bread from a bakery in Tetouan.

As they were coming out of the bakery, they were kidnapped by two men, aged 26 and 45, who took them to an apartment and kept them there for a month.

During this period they raped them and inflicted all types of violence on them. “They beat us in the most savage way, they injured us and raped us collectively. I lost my virginity in this incident,” said one of the two victims who appear in a video circulating on YouTube. “They held me and mistreated me for a month”, added the victim while crying.

The victims could escape only after one of them lured the rapist into thinking that she was going to stay with them in the apartment.

Once the girls managed to escape from this hellish experience, they went to file a report in the police station. To their utter dismay, they were neither treated fairly nor given due consideration for the ordeal they suffered for a month at the hands of their rapists.

According to the victims, the reports filled by the police did not reflect the facts they narrated. “The police report did not contain exactly what I told the police,” one of the victims said, adding that those who raped them “belong to a mafia and have influence and are drug dealers” in the city of Tetouan.

“The police threatened to take us to a correctional center if we don’t sign the report they filled for us,” said the other victims. In spite of their threat, the girls signed only the papers that reflected what they said about the incident.

But the efforts made by the two girls to prove their case were to no avail, since the police was bribed by the criminals. ‘They paid a lot of money, not only one, two or three million, as they belong to a mafia,” one of the victims said.

After making strenuous efforts in order to bring the criminals to justice, the victims underwent a medical expertise, which proved that they had been the victims of rape and that they lost their virginity during the period when they were held in custody by the two men who kidnapped them.

To make things worse, even the court did not do justice to the victims. “We did not obtain anything from the court,” said the same victim, adding that “she is not asking for anything but her rights.”

Although the prosecutor was fair with them and seemed the only one to take the victims’ plight seriously, when their case reached the office of the judge, the latter did not do them justice.

“We told the truth to the judge while we were crying, but he acted as if nothing happened,” said one of the victims.

“After we came out of the judge’s office, they forgot about what we said, as if nothing happened. They did not tell us to come, nor did they talk us,” she added.

“The court was bribed by the mafia, which prevented us from being given a fair treatment,” the victim added. She went on to wonder if the judge would have acted the same way had his daughter been the victim of a rape.

She complained about the lack of justice in the country. “In Morocco the government does not care about people’s dignity. People only care about money and bribes. Everything can be bought and sold with money,” she said.

“Although I lost my virginity, I did not lose my dignity and I will fight for my rights,” she said.

She called on people who will watch the video to give her a helping hand until she succeeds in bringing her rapist to justice.

“I call on people who listen to me to consider me like their daughter or sister and help me defend my right, because I have no body on my side,” she added while crying.

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