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‘Muslim Patrol’ police London streets

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Is Islamic law coming to London? A series of ‘Muslim Patrol’ videos have gone viral over the past few weeks. They show a group of young men attempting to create ‘Muslim zones’ in the city. Although their actions have been condemned by the East London Mosque, they continue to patrol neighbourhoods and stop people they believe are not conforming to Islamic law. So who do they really represent?


An Islamic Response to ‘Muslim Street Patrols’

Here is an Islamic response to the so called Muslim vigilantism being carried out by a minority of Muslims who claim to be implementing a ‘shari’ah patrol’ in the London borough of Tower Hamlets.



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  • boabdl

    I live in London and know the Muslim community well. This Mutawwa Saudi style police is a mere Islamophobic artifice to generate additional fear of the Muslim community. There is no truth to it as far as it being a trend.

    Lets stop writing about the doubtful presence of moral police on the streets of London and let’s focus on the doubtless British soldiers on the streets of Kabul –they are walking around with guns!

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