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The African Leadership Academy: An exceptional Opportunity for Moroccan Students

Jamal Saidi
Jamal Saidi is an English teacher. He is also a coach in Human development. He is certified by Canadian Training Center of Human Development and the British Horisons Learning. He obtained his BA in English literature from Ben Msik faculty in Casablanca.He is ...
The African Leadership Academy: An exceptional Opportunity for Moroccan Students

Casablanca – The African Leadership Academy, based in South Africa, is offering an exceptional opportunity for young Moroccans to enroll in its academic program.

Students between 15 and 19 years old can apply directly to the academy through its official website.

Once admitted, a successful candidate shall join young people from different parts of Africa and the world.

The academy sets as a purpose to establish a school that would gather the most outstanding young leaders at various levels, from politics, to industry to society to culture; leaders that would positively change their reality and that of Africa.

The aforementioned program includes all the scientific disciplines and is considered a two years preparatory training for students capable of becoming future leaders. Later, they would choose their area of specialization at the university.

Moroccan students should participate actively in such continental gatherings. It is a golden opportunity for our youth to share their ideas with fellow Africans, as Morocco has a lot to offer for the continent through its rich social, cultural and political experience.

Further, they would serve as ambassadors to the future leaders of Africa who might adopt a more pragmatic and positive stance towards the kingdom’s territorial sovereignty. Needless to say, Morocco is also in need of leaders who can meet the demands of the current century in terms of sustainable development and good governance.

The deadline for submitting applications is February 28th, 2013.

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  • Elmahdi Oummih

    If you are interested in applying, although the application deadline is Feb 28th – we will continue to accept applications through March 7th – but March 7th is the absolute final deadline – if you want an application in Arabic, French or English, request one by emailing

  • Monynhial John

    Thank you allow me to comment on your websit.
    I am among of those people who applied for African leadership academy

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