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It’s not the Arab Spring, it’s an unknown season

By Youssef El Kaidi

Morocco World News

Fezm February 26, 2013

The social, economic and political pressure in the Arab world peaked in the beginning of 2011. Some winds started to blow hither and thither and we all felt happy because we thought it was spring finally coming. Our dreams were boundless and unflagging; we dreamed of the flowers of spring, the fruits of spring, the beautiful nature of spring. We thought the whole view will be captivating and the ugly remains of dark winter will dissipate.

Time quickly passed and wrapped up an era of very fundamental changes in the region. After long years of ‘bad weather and very serious disorders and turmoil’ Tunisia was the first country to receive ‘spring.’ The “jasmine revolution” expedited the coming of this long awaited season. Ecstatically embracing change, people thought that the policies of impoverishment, systematic obscurantism, enslavement, and marginalization are finally over. Self-confidence which people never had because of the uncertainty shrouding their societies seemed back again and everyone seemed to reiterate the famous Tunisian poet Aboulkassem Chabi’s peom “If, one day, a people desire to live, then fate will answer their call. And their night will then begin to fade, and their chains break and fall.” Egypt in its turn got aboard the train of change and the winds blow over the “pharaoh” and uprooted him in a few days, then Libya, Yemen, Syria etc.

Who thought at the juncture of that drastic change that things will turn sour? I wrote on the wall of my Facebook on February, 6th, 2011 when the Arab revolutions were at their highest ferment: “since the first time I started to understand the notions of identity and history and have the sense of belonging, I have dreamt to witness the Arab “renaissance”; I have dreamt to see the Arab world rising against injustice, corruption, oppression, ignorance and dictatorships. Am I now witnessing that long awaited revolution or is it just a short reawakening from a long nap that would soon be over?”

Impressed by the scenes of sacrifice, greatness, courage and strong will of the Arab people who tenaciously fight for freedom, I wrote on February the 11th, 2011: “Maybe we do not feel the greatness of what is happening in the Arab world these days because we live the moment in all its details, but history will record with the ink of pride and honor the greatness of Arab youth achievement. The future generations with always think of us with much reverence and appreciation. What a truly wonderful generation.”

Now, after two years of the first spark of the Arab awakening, the sky of the Arab world is still overcast and the thick clouds seem never to dissipate. The so called Arab Spring is not spring at all, it’s an unknown season; it’s neither winter nor summer; neither spring nor fall. The seasons complement each other in a very perfect natural cycle but the exotic climatic situation called the Arab Spring doesn’t stop devastating everything; daily streams of blood in Syria, political assassination and unrest in Tunisia, severe conflict and volatility in Egypt, terrorism and tribal tensions in Libya, sectarian violence in Yemen etc.

However, I believe, this strange ‘climatic’ condition is not the product of local natural conditions but certainly there are foreign hands that ignite the wicks of strife and inflame differences to thwart the dream of the Arabs in its cradle. The hands I talked about find it so easy to move some puppets in the Arab world to bring about more unrest and chaos whenever the situation seems to stabilize, but the real spring will come sooner or later by hooks or by crooks.

Youssef ElKaidi is PhD. student at the University of Fez. He is Morocco World News’s correspondent in Fez.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Morocco World News’ editorial policy

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