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Hunting is more than holding a firearm

By Imad Tijani

Morocco World News

Fez, March 1, 2013

Hunting wild animals for food was a part of everyday life. Nowadays, it becomes an activity that many people practice for several purposes, among which is practicing sport, enjoying beautiful landscapes, experiencing different customs of tribes and regions, etc. The “game warden,” who rules the forest, has set two sorts of laws. The first is written and the second is ethical. Despite the fact that the written law is more significant than the ethical one, it is not enough whether or not the hunter contravenes the ethics of hunting.

Hunters walking in the forest between Fez and TazaAccording to the High Commission for Water, Forests and Desertification Control, “fair chase” is one of the most considerable clauses of the written law, where the real hunter never takes advantages over the loopholes of the prey and shooting it from behind. It also estimates that the maximum number of preys shot by a given hunter is four birds and one rabbit. Here, there are two kinds of hunters, the givers and the takers. The real hunter is normally the giver in the sense that he gives another hunter the advantage to shoot, and it is a pleasure to share the gains with those whose fields were hunted. The poacher, on the other hand, is a non-licensed chaotic hunter.

In addition to that, the High Commission for Water, Forests and Desertification Control schedules the time when hunting is allowed, which depends on the animals’ period of mating. In light of this, the “turtledove” is from July 26 till August 26; rabbits, ducks and other kinds of animals are from October 7 till February 24. In fact, the hunter helps maintain a natural balance in the sense that when he respects the law of hunting, he gives animals the opportunity to proliferate. Imad Tigani holding what he huntedAccordingly, violating the conventions means getting into too much trouble with the law and possibly arrested.

From my own experience, I can say that hunting is a wonderful adventure which gives anyone the opportunity not only to escape from the routine of urban life and its profaneness, but it also allows jumping into a world full of wildness. Actually, it is an activity that captivated me from my early childhood and I waited impatiently for my uncle to ask me to join him in one of his hunting trips which gave room for this passion to grow within me.

The hunting site located in the surroundings of Outat El Haj is the destination of the most experienced hunters. The village is 250 kilometers from Fez. Thanks to my uncle, I learnt the ethics, codes and the techniques of hunting. Through practice, this hobby taught me how to keep calm at difficult moments and how to handle the most complicated situations. I still remember my uncle’s words that used to remind me of the important The Taounate Region, Moroccoinstructions a good hunter should keep in mind when choosing a hunting site: to make sure the wind is blowing from the right and to stay alert anticipating the motion of any victim. Furthermore, the military style accessories are the most suitable for hunters to wear

Hunters are brought to preserve the hunting hobby by inculcating the love of this hobby in their children’s heart, following the Islamic model which suggests that every Muslim should teach his son swimming, horse riding and archery as well.

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