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Moroccan Singer Sarah K, a Rising International Star

Omar Bihmidine
Omar Bihmidine is a junior high school teacher of English in Sidi Ifni city. He obtained his Associate Degree at Choaib Eddoukali University in 2008. He earned his B.A. from Ibn Zohr university, Agadir.
Moroccan Singer Sarah K, a Rising International Star

Sidi Ifni, Morocco- MWN

Recently, Morocco World News talked to Moroccan-Canadian artist Sarah Karkouch aka Sarah K, an R&B singer who has recently gained a lot of international attention. Sarah began her musical journey at age 13; drawing inspiration from her role models among R&B artists. Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill, and Chaka Khan inspired her the most.

Born in Vancouver, Canada, she is currently leading a successful singing career. Childhood dreams of becoming an acclaimed singer/songwriter led Sarah to take part in different local and national singing competitions. Thanks to her sensual, soulful voice, Sarah has managed to attract a large number of singing talent scouts from this early age.

While she spends quality time writing music based on her journey on earth, she also works on making the acquaintances of other recording artists who are pursuing the same career. Sarah K not only sings R&B songs, but also electro-dance, neo-soul, pop, and has had her vocals requested for numerous hip-hop songs.

Later this month Sarah K will be traveling to Toronto, Canada to participate in an international music summit. She is hopeful to return with a recording contact.  2013 has been a busy year. Sarah has performed for 5-time heavyweight boxing champion, Evander Holyfield. She flew to Cuba to film her video for, “Runnin’ Away”, and her last nightclub show was sold out for the filming of her upcoming music video for, “High Expectations.” Sarah K has also donated her time to sing at a number of charity events.

“Fly,” the latest song released by Sarah, is about overcoming the judgments of others, bullying and inspiring people to believe in themselves. A principled philanthropist, Sarah has supported anti-bullying causes and has raised money for charities in many respects. “One-hundred percent of all sale proceeds go to Amanda Todd Foundation and CKNW Orphan’s fund.” In 2010, she participated in the 2010 Miss BC Pageant where she hosted a “Cops for Cancer” fundraising concert.

Sarah K, Moroccan R&B and Pop Singer based IN CanadaDespite her fame and victory as a singer, Sarah K has never forgotten her Moroccan origins. On the contrary, she frequently reminisces about her ancestral homeland. “I typically travel back to Morocco every 5 years. My parents and my sister just got back from Morocco a few weeks ago after a three-month visit,” Sarah said.

With her tenacity that motivates her current success, Sarah K intends to realize more dreams and make herself more well-known all over the world. “When I launch my debut album in a couple months, I would like to make a trip through Europe and North Africa to visit family and promote my album,” she said.

Out of pride and uncompromising passion for Morocco, Sarah K has set out to introduce the country to Canadians and her fans. “Morocco is very special to me. In Canada there isn’t a large Moroccan community, so when I do interviews, or when a random person asks me what my ethnicity is, I always have fun making them guess. No one ever gets it right. I love telling people that I am Moroccan because it is a unique exotic place that a lot of people have heard of, but don’t know a lot about. Everybody is very curious.”

Out of loyalty for the traditions of Morocco, including eating habits and singing, Sarah has always done her utmost to preserve them in her life and with her family, and to practice them in recognition of her Moroccan identity.  “I love how Moroccans embrace music in their daily lives. I can recall being at my grandparents’ house in Casablanca and watching as the family gathered around to play drums and sing all together; like a well rehearsed band. It is a vivid memory that I have. I also love the food especially tagine and couscous. Mint tea is a favorite of mine. I like the way they pour the tea from high above the cup.”

Throughout her singing career, Sarah K has owed a great debt of gratitude to Moroccans for their encouragement and for their pats on her shoulder. “Thanks to the encouragement of Moroccans, I have realized many of my dreams.”

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Comments (63)

  • Abdelouahed OULGOUT


    What a shame is this? She wouldn’t surely be that star if she wasn’t nude enough!!! This is never our Moroccan mirror; it’s our Moroccan shame, alas !!

    • Kawthar Charabinous

      why moroccans have to be unsupportive of each other? She wears whatever she wants and it’s not for you to judge what is Moroccan’s shame or not. What we can read between your lines is a strong call for conservative values as the ONLY good values. Nobody can claim being the “mirror” of a whole nation but your reaction seems to be typical.
      I am not her fan, I actually don’t like her music but she is achieving her dream and for that i respect her. Get real.

      • Justin Panda

        I respect your honest message. I am now a fan of hers through this article… I like her voice. Its a shame people are being so negatieve… why?

      • Joab Bfab

        Why does she have to be nude to achieve her dreams. Isn’t it music that we are talking about here. With all due respect, you shouldn’t have said Moroccans. This is something most of the people with values, principles and believes actually agree on all over the world! For me, it is a disgrace for Arts, virtues and for women. Women are much more than just a body, and when somebody puts it the way she does in the clip, it suddenly and shamefully becomes it (women are all meat and flesh). You see!
        It is not about being supportive it is just not okay! I mean a lot of popular singers got there and won the love of their fans with decency with all of their clothes are on, I name Kelly clarkson, carrie underwood etc…

      • real moroccan

        I disagree with you Kawthar, He and I and millions of moroccan men ” real men” deeply hurt when they hear such shampful news. Not becuase we are agianst fun and art, but becuase we are moroccan and we consider all the moroccan girls and women as our sisters; Therefor, we feel deeply unhappy about this. Morocco is a muslim country, Islam has its own teaching and way of life. We will bez prode if she or any other moroccan came up with something that help/serve the humanity. Unfortunatly, you girls are brainwashed and missguided. I am so sorry to say a new International rising whore who uncovered her body even if she were my real sister.

    • Jason

      I do not see your point. This girl is bettering her self through hard work, positivity and helping others. What business is it of yours what she wears? She looks beautiful. She is a wonderful girl who has good values, and is kind to absolutely everyone. You absolutely cannot judge.

      • helper

        You will never understand why people are unhappy about her cloths. But I may help you to understand the case. Imagine, that your wife is a hard working lovely woman who helps others and bring you money and support you by working as a hooker. how you will react about it? the same feeling you will have toward that case is the feeling moroccan have toward this girl. For me, why should you act crazy if your wife is a whore

    • Mark Frasier


    • essietjeee

      Oh give me a break! I was very curious to see the vid after your comments here. I was expecting some ‘lady gaga’ stuff, but she wears a maxi dress! I have seen moroccan women wear worse and they dont want to become famous at all!

    • My Eye View

      where is the nude part?…

  • younes jarmouni

    wat a ho

  • Moroccan Woman

    The girl is beautiful and is following her dream. She’s also compassionate hence her charity contributions. Kudos to her. Goes to show that Moroccans themselves can achieve much more if it weren’t for the limiting system (And the negativity and vulgarity of some our fellow Moroccans — Read other comments on this article)

  • Bladi1

    Is this what you Call a Star( a B****). Im sorry but i just can not understand after all of your Great Articls you came with this Article and you say A Moroccan Star. For god sake, Are you a Muslim, do you know how many sins you gain from this Picture. SHAME

  • no name

    This is why us Moroccans will never move on.. why you talking about sins.. not everyone has to be muslim you close minded bastard.. Why would she be more pleasant to you if she wore a niqab? If you have nothing good to say than stfu cause hating is also a sin,hypocrite.

  • no name

    For her to even mention she’s Moroccan is a blessing cause the rest of the world thinks of you ass hairy pedophiles that get it on with 5 year olds. Sarah is one of the very most beautifulest Moroccans.. only God can truly judge her

  • Suzy Parkinson

    To the isolated few on this website that feel the need to talk down upon Sarah. What makes you so righteous I do not know her from a whole in the ground, but I smile with warmth every time I see a young person following her dreams. To me she seems like a positive role model to young ladies everywhere to work endlessly towards their goals. I can’t imagine with their close minded opinions we could say the same about the negative folks on this website.

  • rabi jahid

    what puzzles me about most of these moroccans is they complaint about how bad they want democracy at the same time keep criticizing others about anything i mean anything,i honestly think it’s disgusting,i may not like whatever she’s wearing but it’s none of my biz C a.oulgout, so go lock your self in the room and leave others do whatever they please….

    • Joab Bfab

      Not criticizing is a choice as much is criticizing is. And that is democracy, is it not! People are saying what they think, you get to disagree but you do not get to be right, and so does not the other. You see!
      The girl is doing what she’s doing, I don’t care at all! I’d rather she’d chase after some other decent dreams. But hey this is my opinion and you may disagree. But after all it is her choice and I don’t have to like it you know…

      • rabi jahid

        yeah i know,I am fine with criticizing but you know for fact that was judging and you know we moroccans are so good at it,If you know what i mean….. enough said let’s just move on. thanks

    • saloom

      A democracy for Morocco would set us 20 years back.

  • Sunchine

    I have been reading to some of your adds but let me say something. I don’t even know this girl but just looking at this picture, it’s really a shame in front of God cause she is a ”MUSLIM” and she can be an influence to others young Muslim generations. If she wants to pursue her dreams, there is a way to dress up and still look nice and sing nice if she wants to but she choose to dress up very cheap.

    • none of ur business

      Why does she have to be muslim ? LOL Really influence to other young muslim generations ? Sarah is not responsible for your daughter being a slut. Whats so bad about how she’s dressing either way.. Stop bringing up religion to everything

      • lol

        You guys always seem to forget what religion means; You are not born into a religion, You believe and practice a religion. Wether she believes or not is her business not yours. And she’s aloud to do whatever she wants.

    • Peace and Love

      You can tell she is Muslim from a picture? Wow! I think you make too many assumptions. This is about music, doing good deeds and following your dreams. Not about envy, or judgement.

    • Mark Frasier

      Is she a Muslim though? Just because she’s Moroccan does not necessarily mean she’s a Muslim.

  • ZionistSlayer

    This girl brings shame to herself, her family and Morocco. This is the reason that Gulf countries do not allow Moroccan women to get tourist visas, they are all just assumed to be prostitutes.

    • Narjat

      and you bring shame to yourself and Morocco by calling yourself a Zionist Slayer….a patient of mine from the Gulf told me they only go to Morocco as a country to go to for their women/prostitutes which I know its not….so look after your own country and check out why you think something with some education instead of just assumptions

      • ZionistSlayer

        Go try to get get a tourist visa to ANY gulf Country. If you are a woman between the ages of 15 and 45, you will NOT be allowed to get a tourist visa, EVEN if you are married, because, they will assume your husband is really just your pimp and that ALL Moroccan women coming the Gulf are prostitutes. This is the reality. Moroccan women bring shame upon Morocco, but they are not alone responsible for this, it is because Moroccan men allow them too many freedoms.

        • abdulmaghreb

          The Gulf is a greater prostitute than any prostitute could ever be; let’s recall that all the Emirs and Kings of that swamp have lost their dignity in America’s bedroom, with no exception. When America seeks to advance a geopolitical goal in the Middle East, America makes her gesture signalling it, and all the rotund occupants of the Khaleeji palaces exit in the direction of the nearest American flag and genuflect before it, swearing fealty to the goal (which usually entails turning on the tap of Arab blood).

          The Gulf betrayed the Palestinians most completely and most thoroughly, and yet you, “ZionistSlayer,” are concerned about Moroccans falling short of the Gulf’s moral standards. I reply to that with Omar Khayyam: “Well, well, what matters it!”

          • ZionistSlayer

            I think you are missing the point. I do not care what the Gulf thinks about Moroccan Women. What I care about is the fact that the Moroccan Government has no respect for Moroccan women. In diplomacy, there is a very simple policy called reciprocity. It essentially means that if one country has a certain policy towards people from your country, then you enact that same policy towards people from that other country. For example, when Morocco barred all Algerians from entering Morocco, the Algerians did the same to Moroccans. Unfortunately, Morocco’s Diplomats have no honor, no self respect and no love for Morocco. If they did, if Morocco had any real leadership with even the smallest shred of dignity, they would simply announce that since all women from Morocco are called prostitutes and barred as a group from getting tourist visas to Middle eastern countries, then all women from Middle eastern countries are banned from getting tourist visas to Morocco. Morocco won’t do this though. You know why? Because Moroccan Leaders hate the Moroccan People. That is the only logical reason I could come up with

          • My Eye View

            “geopolitical goal “…hahaha…there is nothing to gain in the Gulf region…America has all the natural resources it needs…it should remove all embassies and military assistance and humanitarian assistance from the region , shut off all trade and scientific alliances and leave the Gulf , then prevent any contact between America and the Gulf because that is what YOU want…that’s what it should do , but some Americans have a naïve idea that helping other nations is a noble venture…

    • chafik

      You, talking about shame? I remember reading one of your comments on a previous article explicitly praising terrorism and wishing for the MURDER — that’s right, let me repeat it, MURDER– of Moroccans who are sent to Libya in order to assist PEACE MAKING efforts there. By showing us such madness do you think you are a source of pride?

  • Peace and Love

    I have to say…I have been looking at a lot of the “News” items on this website. It amazes me that a story about a patriotic singer following her dreams, and embracing her parents’ homeland and heritage has had more negative comments, then all of the stories about war, pain, suffering, and regional conflict combined. I think that those who have spent the energy vilifying this amazing and beautiful woman should redirect their judgements inwards, and ask themselves what they can do as individuals to have a positive influence on today’s world circumstance. Stop being “Arm-chair Muslims”, and get in the game!

  • Joab Bfab

    Many children are ophaned because of HIV in Africa, many die of hunger, wars and diseases! And you’re discussing this……? some chick I’ve never ever heard of and nobody will ever do with those vocals. Shame on you guys! The world needs you to stand and voice your hearts out for the greater good!

    • Aÿ Ckr

      What do you do in real life to help these orphaned children in Africa? Or those dying of hunger, wars or diseases. Chances are that you do nothing about it, and that you only remember them when you’re about to write such hateful comments. Let’s never talk about arts, and everything else for that matter, and make our lives revolve about some children in Africa than we really don’t care about, and that we only speak of from time to time to let our conscience sleep in peace. Hypocrisy at its best.

  • Angela

    She was probably brought up watching all the Egyptian music videos that all the Moroccans I know in Morocco had on tv all day whenever I was in Morocco LOL!!
    – I couldn’t understand the running down the West gets for showing their arms and legs on stage when the Western singers wear twice as much as what the Egyptian performers wear and a lot less gyrating and sexual innuendos as well – about time you know how much many people in the west don’t like these performers dressed indecently and half naked!

    • Angela

      Shes got so much boobs showing – uust like in the awful half naked Egypitian music videos – to me I wouldn’t watch her as she looks like she wants to sell herself with her boobs rather than her own talent

  • Angela

    Read the other articles about the amount of harassment women get in Morocco when they are fully clothed and covered in a jellaba or hijab! Men should learn some discipline and control themselves…especially the ugly ones who think the best way to get something out of their lives is control with their fist or dirty talk running people down

  • Marouane Sibari

    Good for her! she’s got potential to be a world star. Don’t like the music though.

  • AM

    Just a shame, pity for a girl to fall as a prey in the hands of the rotten western system.


  • kal

    You go girl! You make us proud.

  • moroccan

    “…I like the way ———they——— pour the tea from high above the cup.”

    she’s not moroccan, period.

  • Jealous

    Fuck you..fuuuuck you..and others like you..i all tell you FUUUUUCK’re nothing but shame to us…she said she visits morocco every 5 years ..maaasha’allah..Morocco is just a touristy place for you no more.

  • AnwarBenny

    Shaykh al-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah mentioned that all four imaams agreed that all kinds of musical instruments are haraam, mentioning the hadeeth collected by al-Bukhaaree that refers to the people who will try to make “ma’aazif” halaal, and then he said, “Ma’aazif are musical intruments as the people of the language have mentioned, the plural of ma’zifah, and it is the device/instrument that produces musical sounds, and none of those who came after the (four) imaams mentioned any disagreement about the instruments/devices of lahw (frivolity)…” [Fataawaa Ibn Taymiyyah 11/576-577]

  • Soraya

    We Moroccans are always complaining about the same thing -_- women’s clothes,who cares about what she wears ??

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