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Planet Khmissa: A Moroccan Family touring around the world

By Louay Benaabdelaali

Morocco World News

Rabat, April 11, 2013

There are no excuses whatsoever to follow one’s dream. That is in my opinion the motto of Atmani Family who is engaging in a life time experience that I and many others like me, are dreaming to accomplish one day: Planet Khmissa (five in Arabic), 5 people travelling touring around the worlds’ 5 continents for 5 years time in a camping car. Anouar, Malika, Meissa, Mehdi, Maya are the protagonists of this fantastic story. Plus, the camping car has a name too: “Meskellil”.
How cool is that?

Anouar Atmani, initiator of this project, claims that preparing for such a trip is similar to starting a business: “We had to think about and plan for everything, especially regarding our jobs, kids schooling etc. It’s like preparing a business plan.”

Malika, the freak of organization, stresses on the importance to allocate attention and time to research on every detail concerning each and every country:
“It’s a lot of work. We spent so much time investigating about every country, not forgetting the mechanical condition of the camping car, the insurances, the vaccinations etc.”

Their three beautiful kids (3Ms) couldn’t hide their excitement and readiness for this adventure. They agreed the adventure wouldn’t be free of challenges: “We will make new friends, discover new countries and new things. We do not know how we will communicate with people who do not share our mother tongue. We’re going to miss our friends here, but we will make new one. they said.

The project of “Planet Khmissa” took one year and half of preparation, which includes consulting with experienced globetrotters, revising taxes, making jobs’ arrangements and many other things, but most of all kids schooling. It was a frequently asked question by Planet Khmissa community. Anouar and Malika assigned tutors to follow up with their education and learning. They will also assist their children in subjects they master like languages and maths. Their exams are to take place in Spanish consulates/embassies around the world.

The five-member family will be departing from Morocco towards Latin America, all around through Australia, Asia and Africa, then back to Morocco. Their first stop will be in Uruguay. The departure is planned for the 2nd of September 2013.

What is sure is that they thought about it all. For Atmani family, “it is not only a trip around the world. It’s the pursuit of happiness. It’s risking going around and beyond in order to discover oneself. It’s about living life differently.”

I feel really inspired by this project and this family and was very pleased to have interacted with them, hoping to meet them someday, somewhere around the world. I can’t but show my pride to share my nationality with them, as well as my enthusiasm and excitement.

I wish them all the best in their journey and hope this will not be the last story of a Moroccan dream coming true.

Louay Benaabdelaali is a social activist, volunteer and freelancer. He holds a Master’s degree in International Business and Enterprise from the University of Glamorgan in UK, and a bachelor degree in Marketing & Management from the International Institute of Higher Education in Morocco (IIHEM).  He worked as a freelancer in Mawazine Festival. He had a challenging experience working for Rachnoutsav Events Ltd in India as a Marketing associate. He is very active in charity and voluntary work. He was part of AIESEC organization in Morocco and UK where he has worked as a team leader and accounts manager. He has organized and attended several national and international conferences on leadership and youth development. He has experience in coaching, facilitating, and interpreting. He was champion of the university in Ping-Pong and captain of the football team. Besides his 5 years’ experience in amateur theatre, he is very passionate about traveling, poetry and acting. He is a member of MWN. 

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