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King Mohammed VI inaugurates first part of “Oujda Shore” offshoring center

Oujda, June 20, 2013 (MAP)

King Mohammed VI dedicated this Thursday the first part of the “Oujda Shore” offshoring center, a project ushering the Oriental region into the era of off shoring, by providing world-class infrastructures and management services.

The project is conform to the Royal initiative to develop the Oriental region that seeks to stimulate investments, promote the creation by young people of small and medium-sized enterprises, endow the region with the needed basic infrastructure and encourage major priority economic projects.

Carried out with investments worth 120 million dirhams, the first part of Oujda Shore involves two buildings dedicated to off shoring activities, tertiary activities and technopole services.

It is mainly directed to specialists of customer-management, of computer services development and maintenance and business process outsourcing. It is expected to generate around 1,200 direct jobs.

Oujda-Shore is a component of the Oujda technopole integrated project that also hosts an SME/SMI zone, a logistics zone, a training campus   a Retail park and a CleanTech free zone.

To date, the SME/SMI zone has sold 29 land plots while the Retail Park has sold 8 plots.

The knowledge campus development program and plan are considered as the key driver of the Oujda success, just like human resources training and Research and development promotion.

The technopole campus hosts a university technological campus, an affiliate of the Mohammed 1st University, a training institute in renewable energies and energy efficiency and an institute of offshoring activities.

An institute of tourism activities, a pole of private institutions, a research and development pole as well as residences and restaurants are also projected to be built in the campus.

Like CasaNearShore, Tétouan Shore and the Rabat Technopolis, the Oujda technopole illustrates the regionalisation strategy of the offshore offer in Morocco.

This platform, together with the agropole of Berkane and the industrial zone of Nador will participate in the integrated development of the Oriental region and consolidate its national and international positioning.

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