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Moroccan singer Dounia Batma: Gulf millionaire’s second wife

Moroccan singer Dounia Batma: Gulf millionaire’s second wife

By Youssef Sourgo

Morocco World News

Casablanca, July 24, 2013

Dounia Batma, the talented Moroccan singer who made it to the finals of Arab Idol’s first edition, has recently affirmed her relationship with her Bahraini Manager, the millionaire Mohammed Alttork, and officially announced their upcoming marriage during an interview with Moroccan radio Chada FM.

According to the couple, the wedding is planned to take place next January in one of Casablanca’s most prestigious hotels. “Our wedding ceremony is going to be historical,” Dounia proudly told Chada FM. 

“A myriad of famous Moroccan and Arab artists and influential celebrities are attending our marriage,” she added.

“We also have lots of unexpected surprises for you,” the couple told Chada FM.

However, Mohammed Alttork did not conceal the fact that he is already married and is a father of a young girl named Hala, who has made an appearance on Arab’s Got Talent.

Nevertheless, Dounia Batma, who already knows of her future husband’s prior marriage, does not seem to have any objections to that. “He is the one,” said a convinced Dounia, “he is my prince charming incarnated.”

The news of Dounia Batma’s upcoming marriage has, however, been received with ambivalent feelings by her fans. A group of them expressed their delight at the news and wished  her a “joyful and prosperous life.”

“You guys need to leave her alone,” read a comment left by one of Dounia’s fans on one of the articles announcing her upcoming marriage. “She’s free to marry whoever she wants as long as she’s convinced of that,” the comment proceeded.

 Other fans seemed less tolerant of her marriage to a man who already has a family and children. Some even went further than that to discuss his first wife’s feelings: “How would his first wife feel now that all of his attention will be drawn to another woman,” read one of the comments on the video of Dounia’s interview with Chada FM.

According to online news outlet Afriquinos, Mohammed Alttork has already spent around £ 210 000 on Dounia’s wedding ring, reportedly bought from Chaumet Paris. According to the same source, Dounia’s wedding dress costs about £ 1 000 000. 

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  • Mehdy


  • Simo

    Where have you found that he is a millionaire?!!.. Stop writing bullshits, in no place it’s mentioned he is millionaire!

    • ZionistSlayer

      If you are buying a wedding dress that costs 1 million UK pounds, then chances are you are a millionaire many times over.

      • Simo

        That’s bullshit dude.. not true at all!!

  • ZionistSlayer

    Yet another Moroccan woman bringing shame to Morocco.

    • Ghassanid

      i am a Lebanese Christian and going to Morocco to find a cute prostitute to marry. i will tell her i am Lebanese and she will be facinated.

      Moroccans are dumb and look up to their Lebanese masters. :)

      • ZionistSlayer

        And the Lebanese just look up to their Israeli boyfriends.

        • Ghassanid

          are you denying Lebanese are your masters? Egyptians and Moroccans are the slaves of Lebanese. you follow our culture but we look down on yours. african animals

          • Layal

            Les complexes specialistes du bistouri pour cacher leur mochete viennent nous faire la morale hahahahaha … mais allez donc ramasser toutes vos poupees surfaites et encore plus moches qu’avant de venir l ouvrir …

      • mourad

        know you said that i know some lebanese maronites men married to moroccan women

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