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Florida: Imane, a Moroccan girl in need of love and support

By Youssef Sourgo

Morocco World News

Casablanca, Augsut 9, 2013

A saddening picture of a young Moroccan girl named Imane has recently shaken the hearts of many people on the net. The young girl was absorbed in long coma after a car accident that took place shortly after she had relocated from Orlando to Boca Raton (Florida), where she pursues her studies.

Thanks to her unprecedented perseverance, the young Imane heroically survived the tragic car accident. She is now combating the impossible to stand back on her feet and resume her life and dreams where she left them off. For that, the “non-insured” Imane needs a special sort of medical care in a rehab facility, a necessity too financially demanding for her family, given the toughness of the insurance system in the U.S.  

After leaving the hospital where she spent a quality time after the accident, Imane and her mother are now staying in a hotel until they find a rehab facility that would accept to take care of Imane, a young Moroccan girl under the mercy of an uncompromising corporate insurance system.

“We, Moroccans in south Florida, are appealing to you to help us publish the story of this poor girl and her mother who don’t have a place where to go and need extensive care. Please help us in this cause,” Tarik El Bahmi, a member of the Moroccan community in Florida, told MWN in an email

Fortunately, Imane is not alone now. The Moroccan community in the United States, especially in Florida, launched an online fundraising campaign in solidarity with Imane, with an ambitious goal of $35.000. This target now seems now increasingly within reach, as more and more thoughtful and generous people continue to donate money and love to help Imane get the care she needs.

 In a short period of time, the fundraising page attained $15.220, and the fundraisers are very grateful:

“Words can’t express how proud and grateful I am to see the solidarity that most of us have shown to help in this matter,” read thankful note on the fundraising page, “We have achieved 10% of our targeted goal and I am confident that we will exceed it. We are Imane’s only hope, let’s not let her down! A small action can make a huge impact, please take part of it,” Tarik EL Bahmi posted on a page created to raise money for Imane.

While generous donations and heartfelt prayers continue to fill the fundraising page, Imane’s steps towards getting the care she needs to get back into shape are a few steps away.

To reach this goal, the Moroccan community in Florida calls on all Moroccans and generous people from other nationalities to donate as much as they can to help Imane regain a glimmer of hope of having a normal a normal life.

One thing is certain, Imane will be immeasurably grateful to all those who have invested their money, prayers and wishes to help drawing back a smile on her face.

“The situation is a bit complicated, but Imane is eager to get up and walk to all of who contributed somehow and helped in making what seemed to be impossible at first comes true. God bless you all,” Tarik added.  

To donate to help Imane, click here.

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