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Yemen: 8 year old Child, Dies from Injuries on her Wedding Night

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Yemen: 8 year old Child, Dies from Injuries on her Wedding Night

 Washington- After being sold into marriage to a 40 year old Saudi man by her stepfather, Rawan, an 8 year old Yemeni girl, died after sustaining injuries imposed by her ‘husband’ whilst consummating the marriage—according to a report by RTL Info.

Human Rights organizations in Yemen have reported that the young girl suffered from internal injuries, including a torn uterus and died in a hotel room in Hardh. The YemeniCenter for Human Rights stated, “in light of this terrible story, we repeat our demand to see a law passed imposing a minimum age of 18 to be able to contract a wedding.”

Following the news of Rawan’s death and in an effort to launch a campaign to end child marriages, two dozen National Dialogue Conference [NDC] members demonstrated last week during conference sessions.  The Rights and Freedoms NDC committee has been tasked with addressing and reforming the minimum marriage age.

NDC member and head of the Rights and Freedoms Committee Arwa Othman has discussed with the Yemen Times that “[the] child marriage issue was discussed during the first stage of the conference, but no decisions were made because of the strong opposition of traditional, conservative forces. Tribes and religious groups refused to put the issue to a vote.”

A 2012 government-issued report revealed that 48.4 percent of Yemeni women will marry before reaching age 18.

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  • Mohamed Serroukh

    This is just so horrendous it is unbelievable, I can’t understand why the government just does not enforce its power and introduce laws to stop this, they, the governments, seem to be very good at holding on to power at any cost to human life, but completely powerless to act to protect it, the laws of nature say there should be a minimum age limit for marriage as is evident in this poor child’s case, so why not talk about it and introduce it to protect children, for God’s sake this is wrong, wake up

    • ZionistSlayer

      The laws of nature have taken their course. The girl died. Manslaughter was committed. The Saudi will be punished for Manslaughter. The Step Father will be punished IF his step daughter did not consent to the marriage.

      Do NOT give more power to the government. Marriage is a personal choice. If you don’t want your daughters getting married at a young age and would rather they become prostitutes or easy girls who become easy women, that is your choice. Do not violate the choice of those who wish to protect their daughters by marrying them to good Men.

  • ZionistSlayer

    The less power the government has the better. Beware of asking the government to do things.

    Government always screws thing up.

    This is the business of nobody except the family of the 8 year old and the husband. The family can demand blood tribute or accept financial compensation. The choice belongs to the family of the girl, as represented by the male head.

    This is what works. Islam works. Those who commit evil are punished in this life and the hereafter.

    I do not support the idea of an 8 year old getting married, but I also recognize it is not a decision I should make for anyone.

    There is nothing wrong with a girl who is anywhere from 14 to 18 years old getting married, so long as she consents to it. In Islam, girls MUST consent before getting married. It is against Islam to force a girl to get married.

    Furthermore, government has no business getting involved in marriage. Look at the disaster we have in Morocco! Girls are now forced to wait until 18 to get married and consequently we have armies of Moroccan Prostitutes all over the world!

    When is the last time you met a Yemeni Prostitute?

    • Mohamed Serroukh

      Whilst I normally agree with your posts ZS, lately they have beyond my understanding

      What has Islam got to do with any of this ?

      They guy who married an 8 year old girls is a bloodly pedophile, he has no place in decent society, the parents of such a child should be charged with conspiracy to murder

      Your views about the age of 14 to 18 are acceptable in some parts of the world, including some states of America where there is no minimum age limit for girls in marriage, I don’t personally agree with it but thats your view

      I don’t understand why having a legal limit even at the ages you suggest of 14-18 is a problem or why and how it would lead to them not getting married at all ? surely if we implement your view of a 14 years minimum limit thats a good thing ?

      • ZionistSlayer

        I am very much against giving government any additional powers. I am a parent, and it is very upsetting on a personal level to see an 8 year old child raped. I don’t believe an 8 year old has the mental abilities to consent to a marriage. However, it is not up to me to decide. I also do not want to leave it up to the government to decide.

        The Saudi who committed rape and murder or involuntary manslaughter should definitely be brought up on rape charges if it is proven that this girl was pre-menstral. Additionally, he should br brought up on Murder or at the very least involuntary manslaughter charges.

        The parents are guilty (step father) if the girl was pre-menstral and did not consent to the marriage.

        I am the last person in the world to justify violence against children. I just fear the incompetence and terror of government so much that to grant them any additional powers or to look for government for help is almost always a bad idea from my perspective. Government causes problems, they don’t solve them.

  • GHZIYEL Mohammed

    It’s a heinous crime which was committed by Saudi man. He doesen’t know this girl is like his daughter. she still needs more kidness and tendress from her parents. 8 years old is the age for playing and going to school not to engage in sexual relationship. I don’t know why her parents sell their daughter to this wealthy and crazy one.

  • Bleau Gumms

    18 is too old. Make it 13.

  • Mr. Justice

    Every male relative of his should be sterilized.

    He should be raped to death by dogs.

  • True Islam

    8!! wtf, she should be 9 like prophet mohammad used to do with aicha when he fucked her

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