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Morocco’s Princess Lalla Soukaina to get Married in October

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Morocco’s Princess Lalla Soukaina to get Married in October

WASHINGTON – Princess Lalla Soukaina, King Mohammed VI’s niece, who is engaged to Mehdi Regragui, son of King Hassan II’s former adviser, is set to be married in October of this year, according to the news outlet Le360.

Princess Lalla Soukaina, 27, spent her childhood as a very close grandchild to her grandfather– the late King Hassan II, who organized for her fairy parties, including for her birthday. 1999, however, marked a tragic turning point in the life of the young woman who witnessed the divorce of her parents and the sudden death of her grandfather.

King Hassan II’s favorite granddaughter, Princess Lalla Soukaina is also very close to King Mohammed VI, her uncle. She also accompanied  him, in 2000, for his first official visit to Spain.

The marriage of the princess is sure to be closely followed by the Moroccan people, as their romance was also closely observed. Both Regragui and  Lalla Soukaina were raised in Rabat. Regragui comes from an affluent family, his father was a businessman and close adviser to King Hassan II.

Princess Soukaina first completed her undergraduate degree at the Royal College, and then moved to Paris to continue her studies and obtain a Master’s degree in journalism and communication. During her first year of studies in 2004, she was selected, along with her mother, Princess Lalla Meryem, as one of the top successful Arab women. She is regarded by Moroccans as the embodiment of Moroccan women’s beauty and elegance.

Princess Lalla Soukaina is the daughter of Princess Lalla Meryem, first daughter and eldest child of late King Hassan II.

The Princess’ father, Fouad Filali, is the son of the late Abdellatif Filai, former Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister.

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  • Mustapha Azayi

    What is marriage?

  • Joyce Benzagl

    Dear Mustapha Azayi,
    The difficulty of your question has prompt me to question my own wedding planning, and thus delay it until next summer. I am afraid that my fiance doesn’t have the right qualities I really admire and he is but pressed on me by my mom and her mom. I wish i can consult with you on this matter since you sound like a wise gentleman who could help with this shady matters.
    Please can you post your email address for me on this commentary section. I will be more than happy to have it.

  • Mustapha Azayi

    Dear Joyce Benzagl,
    When I posted my comment on this democratically well-reputed platform I hadn’t by any means the intention to pose myself as a counselor for weddings and what relate to them in terms of relationship issues. And I always looked on myself as just a poor boy with long dark hair and nobody loves me. However since you had the audacity to be frank and wise in your turn I would not at all refuse you the privilege to contact me if you really crave for true consultation. I admit that this kind of stuff requires a great sense of wisdom in order to be skilfully tackled, but since we have that great sense of wisdom to hell with the rest anyway.

    As to my email, here take it and use it, it is all yours:

  • Moulay Hmed Zekzagi

    Help me!

    Dear Mustapha can you please help me solve this personal

    I am a Moroccan young man who studied in USA and got back
    few years ago

    I snatched a high diploma in Business administration and
    information technology.

    I do come from a very well known family, high class, the one
    we call in Morocco

    Une Famille Tres Aisee, I am planning to marry very soon but
    I have this personal problem, which constantly puts me in a very depressive
    mood, in addition to the fact that I am organically depressed, I mean
    genetically speaking. I don’t know how to explain all this to you, but I can summarize
    it as this: I am a complete wreck right now. The problem is that I dated my girl for a long time but she never
    knew that my feet stink beyond the normal. They sweat 24 hours a day, and when
    they do they begin to smell worst than the combination of Gongonzola cheese and
    molds found in old toilets in humid towns. Now when I say that my feet stink I really mean that my
    fiancée would be unable to even sit with me barefoot let alone get under the
    blanket with her with all the fume emanating from my goddamn feet. Ma Maman,
    Mamamia, took me to all kinds of skin and foot doctors found over the Kingdom
    but they couldn’t find me a cure, my mammy spent fortunes on charlatans found
    in cities and countrysides but to no avail. Please can you suggest something for
    me? I trust my feet that you are going to be a great help to me. Please help

    • Mustapha Azayi

      Dear Moulay Hmed Zegzagi,

      First of all let me admit to you that I find your audacity of asking my
      help publicly to be quiet a unique behavior of courage and humbleness of
      reasoning. Besides that I really felt and understood the kind of embarrassment
      that your stinky feet causes you.
      And believe me if I told that you are not the only one in this planet who
      suffers on daily basis of that kind of horrendous embarrassment. I know that it
      can cause serious psychological disturbances. I know of a roommate who once
      suffered from the same malady as yours, his situation was unbearable for him
      and also for us, his
      roomates. As for me it was almost
      worse than having bedbugs, to be frank with you Moulay. However, the severe
      part which the poor fellow underwent was when he started to become so
      delusional and started to think that the stench of his feet was going to be the
      cause of the Apocalypse and that only the Mahdi Mountadar is the one who is
      going to be able to cure him. So
      please before you go down that path dear Moulay, I wish you just to calm down and perhaps feel free to
      postpone marriage until next summer. That way you are going to have plenty of
      time to think and rethink about your plight. I know that you girlfriend would
      not like it but try to come out with some sort of bigger justification for your
      delay. Sometimes it is alright to lie to women because women like men who lies
      to them, so go for it bro.

      Meanwhile my only help for you would take form as the following:

      Avoid consulting with charlatans because not only that they do not have
      the right cure for your stinky feet, but also because they themselves suffer
      from the same problem, all charlatans in Morocco have stinky feet.

      So my suggestion for you is simple, it requires only courage,
      strong-will and adventurous spirit.
      Try to leave your girlfriend behind by telling her that you are going to
      Omra or some shit like that. Then pack up your travel bag and a tent if
      possible and head down to Marzouga. Once in that wretched hellish town get rid
      as soon as possible of your Chinese-made sneakers even if they are expensive,
      because that only add to your problem. And camp in that furnace of a town for a
      month, during all that time you have to walk but barefoot, Okay! It would be
      hard for you in the beginning but soon or later your feet will adjust to the
      burning sand. It is necessary for you to undergo the suffering because that the
      basis of your cure. Just walk
      every day aimlessly in the sand until the skin of your feet get dry and
      callous. Your feet will like that because they are free from being imprisoned
      in cheap Chinese-made shoes. Now
      after a couple of weeks try to smell your feet and see what happens, they don’t
      stink anymore.

      But if you want your feet not to re-stink you have to avoid living in
      Rabat or any city where humidity is high such as Casablanca. Settle down instead in Fes and then
      celebrate a big wedding in Bahja, but don’t forget to invite me, because I may
      cast a spell on you, if you don’t.
      Good luck Moulay.

      Sincerely yours,

  • Soumaya Lazraak

    What kind of person are you anyway Moustafito Az? And will you want to live in Morocco If you had a chance?

  • Mustapha Azayi

    Mustapha Azayi

    Geez! You are already turning me into the star of the show dear Soumaya. However since you took the sweet initiative to want to know about who I am and what I like. Well I will do all I can to provide you with the necessary information. Sometimes it isn’t asking that matters but how you ask. So let me just tell you that I am a man who loves women who have plenty of time to ponder and think, women who are tender but strong inside, women who love art no matter how beautiful of ugly it is. Women who hate to be rushed into something they don’t want, women who hate to be indoors instead of outdoors, because I am a wild man, I love women who hate to be pushed hard and manipulated, I love women who love peace and who enjoy being loved. ok dok?

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