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Assault against “Sina”, a Moroccan girl who created a sensation on social media

Fez- According to the Moroccan news outlet Goud, the young Moroccan girl known as “Sina” was severely beaten conscious on Thursday, which required an urgent transfer to a hospital in the city of Marrakech, where the girl lives.

According to the same source “Sina” was allegedly assaulted immediately after some young men recognized her. The latter did not hesitate to beat her and flee immediately thereafter.

MWN was not able to substantiate the veracity of the news, nor the heath condition of “Sina” following this alleged assault.

“Sina” has created a sensation in recent days after the publication of a video posted on YouTube, where the girl appears singing in a suggestive way that was considered by many as “indecent.” The video, which went viral on Youtube and reached more than a million viewers in less than a week, sparked the wrath of a broad proportion of the Moroccan public opinion.

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