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Assault against “Sina”, a Moroccan girl who created a sensation on social media

Assault against “Sina”, a Moroccan girl who created a sensation on social media

Fez- According to the Moroccan news outlet Goud, the young Moroccan girl known as “Sina” was severely beaten conscious on Thursday, which required an urgent transfer to a hospital in the city of Marrakech, where the girl lives.

According to the same source “Sina” was allegedly assaulted immediately after some young men recognized her. The latter did not hesitate to beat her and flee immediately thereafter.

MWN was not able to substantiate the veracity of the news, nor the heath condition of “Sina” following this alleged assault.

“Sina” has created a sensation in recent days after the publication of a video posted on YouTube, where the girl appears singing in a suggestive way that was considered by many as “indecent.” The video, which went viral on Youtube and reached more than a million viewers in less than a week, sparked the wrath of a broad proportion of the Moroccan public opinion.

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  • Sin Cuinta

    I don’t think that video is actually “indecent”. There are way more “indecent” videos out there and nobody was beaten. And also most of the hype in the social media is to laugh at her, so it’s actually a negative “sensation”, and some people got angry because she’s like a shame to Morocco. So actually she had nobody in her side, and making too much enemies. I’m not justifying the aggression, which I absolutely reject, but one as adult should first calculate the impact of what you’re doing, or at least get some advice from sincere people.

  • ZionistSlayer

    hope the police who did this to her get serious jail time; but since this is Morocco, I seriously doubt it.

  • GHZIYEL Mohammed

    Her video is not deserved to be watched. It’s really shame of her to publish sexual video. she doesn’t respect the moroccans feeling who are conservative. However, I’m against to beat her. At least, she is human, she may commit mistake.And all of us commit them. We Ask Allah for ALHYIDAYA.

  • the real moroccan

    poor people , actually this videos is like shit , but it doesnt give you the right to juge her personality , shame on you !! where is the right of thinking , or are you using you sick beliefs to juge her ,shame on you bastards!!

  • Hassan

    This is really disgraceful. I don’t think that this girl should live between us again after the things she have done so far. I have seen the video and it was a peice of shitt. I regretted it when I saw it. she is not a real moroccan girl. because she didn’t respect the moroccan’s feelings, traditions and religion.

  • ZionistSlayer

    If someone goes outside and urinates on a Koran, then defecates in the main road and uses pages from the Koran, our natural instinct would be to physically assault this person.

    However, a Good Muslim would NOT lay a finger on someone who did this. They would contact the police and have them arrested for public indecency, likely a very light penalty, maybe they pay a fine and spend one or two days in Jail….

    My point is that this girls actions are obviously disgusting, and offensive, but if you are a good Muslim, you must NEVER justify someone physically assaulting or attacking ANYONE unless they are defending themselves. Islam tells us to respect the law. Nobody has the right to attack this girl.

    We may find what she did to be distasteful, but that does not give anyone the right to physically harm her.

  • Mohamed Abouhou

    Her video was in no way as indecent as those made by some middle eastern so called stars.

    It`s to the state to decide if she broke the law. Not citizens.

  • Soraya

    This is too much -_- They dont have the right to beat her,there is loads of real prositutes out there, why dont they beat them? Unfortunately,this society doesnt wanna change -_-

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