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A Moroccan Kiss-in to take place in Rabat in solidarity with arrested students

Rabat- After the Paris Kiss-in, which was due to be organized on  Saturday in solidarity with the two students and their photographer arrested in Nador for sharing pictures of themselves kissing, another kiss-in will place this time in Morocco.

A call has been launched on Facebook for a giant kiss-in on Wednesday Oct.9 at the Green Park in the city of Mohammedia.

“We should all mobilize against the arrest of the two teens, and fight against the medieval and backward mentalities”, states the Facebook page of the event.

“Free Boussa”, meaning free kiss, is a second kiss-in that is expected to take place in the capital Rabat on Saturday Oct.12 in front of the parliament building.

“We are calling upon our fellow Moroccans to participate in order to legalize love in a society where we live in hidden”, say the organizers.

The issue is divided between two camps of public opinion between those who support the idea and others who think it is a call to practice vice in public.

 “I’m for the legislation of kissing. We live in a schizophrenic society where prostitution exists and that has nothing to do with Islam”, says a Facebook user commenting on the event.

“Do you think this is the United States? We live in a Muslim country and what you are up to do is Haram”, says a person reluctant to the idea.

“You imitate the West in everything; did you forget you are Muslims? I’ll pray to God for your guidance”, says another.

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