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Moroccan Diva Samira Said back with a Great Song in “Darija”

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Moroccan Diva Samira Said back with a Great Song in “Darija”

Casablanca- Morocco’s most famous voice across the Arab World and internationally is back. Samira Said, or the Moroccan Diva, as some like to nickname her, has recently released a groovy, brand new single entitled, “Mazal” (in English “not yet”).

The very catchy song, a fusion of the transcendental Gnawa rhythms with a predominant –jazz-pop music flavor, foreshadows Samira Said’s upcoming album, an album that her fans have been awaiting for 4 years. 

The song Mazal is in Moroccan Arabic, an homage the Moroccan Diva pays to her Moroccan origins. Yet, the theme of the song and its rhythms radiate an artistic universalism that would make anyone across the world groove to it.

Listening to the Mazal, one would easily notice that Samira Said’s distinctive voice and singing style have not changed at all. The beautifully peculiar way the Moroccan Diva interprets melodies and attaches words to them is still as magical as it used to be.

Samira Said has rose to fame in the Arab World and at the internationallevel with a rich repertoire of great songs that her fans across the world are still rediscovering up to now.

She is already 55 years old, yet full of innovation and an outstanding energy that is easily perceptible in her recent song.

The Moroccan Diva’s fans anticipate major hits in her forthcoming album, based on their reactions to Mazal, her recent single.

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