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This is how Polisario indoctrinates Saharawi children in Cuba (Part II)

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  • Zahra Ramdán

    This is moroccan propaganda. Thanks to many countries who are helping the saharawi people now there are thousands of saharawi professionals like doctors, engineers, female and male etc. These moroccan PW were taken because the moroccan King invaded and occupied saharawi peaceful people´s homeland: Western Sahara.

  • Mustapha Azayi

    Joseph Cornelius

    Communist coercion is still alive and kicking in that part of the world. If the world think that reform education and labor camps existed only in China, well they are wrong. They are more severe and real in Tindouf camps. This is the right time for America to stand with freedom again and liberate the Moroccan Sahrawis who do not want to live under the residue of communism.

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