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Hungary: Far-right Party Leader Says “Islam is the Last Hope of Humanity”

youssef sourgo
Youssef Sourgo is currently a Master’s student in Linguistic and Literary studies at Ain Chok Faculty of Letters and Humanities. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in American cultural studies from Ben M’sik faculty of Letters and Humanities. He is a ...
Hungary: Far-right Party Leader Says “Islam is the Last Hope of Humanity”

Casablanca- The President of the far-right Hungarian party said that “Islam is the last hope for humanity in the darkness of globalism and liberalism.”

During the recent Hungarian parliamentary elections, the Jobbik movement, a far-right Hungarian party, earned 16.67% of the overall vote, securing 47 seats in the National Assembly. For many, this score was unexpected and unprecedented, especially for a European far-right party.

Subsequently, the President of Jobbika made a trip to Turkey, where he visited various universities.

“We’re not coming to Turkey to build diplomatic and economic relations, but to meet our Turkish brothers and sisters,” Gábor Vona, Jobbika’s president, was quoted as saying by

According to the same source, the far-right leader also claimed that “the West does not tolerate seeing my party support Turkey and other Turanian peoples, such as Azerbaijanis, in international conflicts.”

Gábor Vona also affirmed that his party had no relationship with the Islamophobic, far-right European parties.

Jobbik’s president also stated that the Turkish society, grounded on love of the family, respect for tradition and a strong sense of patriotism, was a great example for Hungary.

According to Gábor Vona, the relationship between Hungary and Turkey is based on fraternity and not just friendship.

According to, the Jobbik party’s leader also emphasized, on many occasions, that “Islam is the last hope for humanity in the darkness of globalism and liberalism.”

Also on the universal significance of Islam, Gábor Vona has stated confidently on the official website of his party:

“Africa has no power; Australia and South-America suffer from perplexed identity due to their much congested societies. Considering all this, there’s only one culture left which seeks to preserve its traditions: it is the Islamic world.”

Furthermore, Vona said that his personal life was influenced by Islam and Muslims that he has met as friends and colleagues throughout his life. More surprisingly, one of the witnesses at his wedding was a Palestinian, something that infuriated his opponents.

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Comments (29)

  • M Jane Kender

    they are naczis!!!!! be awere dont spread this kind of articeles!!!! look after for Jobbik party. they are crazy and they support the hating!!!!

  • Shalva Norma Hécz

    this political party are full with nazis, they hate everyone who is not clear hungarian .. its a shame of Hungary !!!

    • M.

      I don’t agree with them about Islam or anything, but isn’t Hungary supposed to be for Hungarians? i.e. the people who fought for the country and made it what it is, or their direct descendants? Or is Hungary just a geographical piece of land.
      What would really be a shame for Hungary is for the real Hungarians to be replaced from their ancestral lands by a bunch of primitive cultural and racial aliens.

  • Peter Kovacs

    Luckily Jobbik’s support is very limited among the Hungarians (unlike France, Holland or Austria, where the support of right-wing parties are very strong). This article shows that they are also against the majority of the Hungarians, who are Christian and moderate.

    • Géza Hegedüs

      true! Vona becomes very dangerious for us Hungarians if he continues to embrace islam like this. Thought he called himself a christian, guess he is on his way to become a moslim. Hungarian culture is based on christianity and islam is anti-christian in it’s core! What does Vona want, mass-immigration into Hungary of moslims, like in Western Europe where they already experience the “blessings” of this “last hope” islam. Vona walks a dangerious path! This will cost Jobbik votes for sure!

      • Samya

        Hello =) ! You should know that Muslims aren’t against any religion either christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism or even Atheism. However, Muslims believe very deeply that Islam is the religion of truth and peace. Islam teach us to accept difference and other religions, this is clearly mentionned in Quran : “O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another.” So, Islam can’t possibly be defined as “anti-christian”.

        It’s also mentionned in Quran that : “There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion”. Nowadays, you’ve all the ways to learn about the real principls of Islam -for this, I invited you to read the Quran and the Sunnah-
        Sincerly ^^

        • FunkyWinkerbeans

          Muslims ARE against every other religion. And its various sects are against each other. The bombings are your first clue. The koran tells its followers to make others “dhimmis” and collect the “jizya” tax from them. That doesn’t sound to inclusive and peaceful to me. Go spread your propaganda and ignorance somewhere else.

          • Chaplin's Mood

            islam collect jizya from no muslim if they choose to keep theire faith and relegion or atheisme and zakat from muslim witch mean in our days tax the deffirence is just in the name so educate youself you are afraid about the devil you don’t know and don’t mixed between islam as a way and principles to live and the mulims sects…and theire interpretation ….

        • Taximan72

          Nonsense, Muslims isolate themselves and try to keep any ideas that may make the followers question what they know. Problem is most Muslims do not know their religion, nor have they read their holy books. They just follow like a bunch of sheep.

    • unapeitra

      Jobbik, Third party in Hungary

  • Akos

    If you want to have a picture about the country or this party, visit Hungary, and find out yourself. So please disregard the flood of lies written by these trolls. BTW, I agree, that Morocco is a beautiful country with rich cultural traditions.

  • Lyshematenel

    There are so many lies about Jobbik. They aren’t nazis. In Hungary we have so many people, who hate the country and just want to be offended.

  • M.

    Haha good luck getting votes then!
    I’m myself ideologically far-right, but I would never vote for such a party. Glorifying Islam?! Really, wtf! I barely stand Christianity; let alone bring in another medieval fairytail!

  • Hunky69

    Vona is a crackhead,,,they divide that small , confused country…

  • APSL

    Fuck You, leftist-socialist scum !

  • Truthful

    Dear Hungarian fellows! Dont let yourselves being mislead by half truths! The voting campaign has begun! Please, find Gabor Vona’s opinion about islam here:
    and here:
    Does it make sense now?

  • m

    Magyar-Irán friendship group
    Elnök Gyöngyösi Márton Jobbik
    Alelnök Dr. Gruber Attila Fidesz
    Tag Babák Mihály Fidesz
    Dankó Béla Fidesz
    Egyed Zsolt Jobbik
    Dr. Gaudi-Nagy Tamás Jobbik
    Gulyás Dénes Fidesz
    Dr. Gyüre Csaba Jobbik
    Heged?s Lorántné Jobbik
    Heged?s Tamás Jobbik
    Kepli Lajos Jobbik
    Dr. Kiss Sándor Jobbik
    Dr. Lenhardt Balázs Jobbik
    Mirkóczki Ádám Jobbik
    Németh Zsolt Jobbik
    Pánczél Károly Fidesz
    Pogácsás Tibor Fidesz
    Potápi Árpád János Fidesz
    Rónaszékiné Keresztes Monika Fidesz
    Dr. Selmeczi Gabriella Fidesz
    Szabó Gábor Jobbik
    Szilágyi György Jobbik
    Dr. Sz?cs Lajos Fidesz
    Vágó Sebestyén Jobbik
    Vona Gábor Jobbik
    Wittner Mária Fidesz
    Zagyva György Gyula Jobbik

  • m

    Viktor Orbán has delivered many distasteful and disgraceful speeches, but what he gave on October 23 as prime minister of Hungary, surrounded
    by members of the armed forces, was perhaps the most disgusting of all.
    He did that in front of “representatives of foreign countries, guests,
    and ambassadors.” I do hope that the government provided the opportunity
    for those who don’t understand the language to judge for themselves
    what kind of a man Viktor Orbán is. If not, here is a summary of the
    most upsetting parts of his speech.

    Here I’m not going to recount all of the historical inaccuracies in
    the speech. Perhaps I will say a few words about them at a later time.
    Instead, I want to focus on the frightening message he sent to those who
    don’t support his government.

    As far as the size of the crowd is concerned, people who have been
    following Fidesz mass rallies claim that this was perhaps the smallest
    crowd Fidesz activists managed to drum up. And one must take this phrase
    literally. Buses stood by in provincial towns while activists tried to
    entice people to board and go to Budapest to hear the great man. I hate
    to think how much this celebration of the greatness of Hungarians and
    the prime minister cost the taxpayers. Yet the crowd, despite claims to
    the contrary, was apparently not bigger than the rally of the democratic
    parties in Buda.

    Both the military accoutrements and the choice of the location were
    deliberate. As for the trappings, although it is true that October 23 is
    a national holiday and a military parade is usually part of official
    programs, I don’t remember another occasion when a whole line of
    soldiers stood behind the prime minister while he delivered his speech.
    Given the content of the speech, one must postulate that giving a
    military flare to the occasion was deliberate. To demonstrate strength
    and make sure that everybody understands in whose hands lies the only
    power in the country.

    So what was Viktor Orbán’s message on this October 23? The prime
    minister, who allegedly represents the whole nation, sent the message
    that those who don’t share his vision don’t belong to the Hungarian
    nation. He transitioned easily from 1956 to 2013.

    We know that the Hungarian freedom fight had not only heroes but
    also traitors. We know that all our wars of independence were defeated
    from abroad. We know that there were always people who helped the
    foreign enemies. Those who helped the Muscovites, men in Russian-type
    quilted jackets, red barons–depending what was in fashion. We know that
    in 2006, after sixteen years of democracy, on this day they were hunting
    us with guns. They led a cavalry charge against us, they beat peaceful
    celebrants with the flat of their swords. We know that this could only
    have happened because they had the government power in their hands which
    they used against their own people. We know, there is no question, that
    they would shoot at us today–hopefully only with rubber bullets–if they
    could…. The only reason they don’t is because at the last election the
    overwhelming majority of the people pushed them aside. We also know that
    the communists sold Hungary, the Hungarian people to speculators and
    the international financiers. We know that they were and always are
    ready to sell Hungary to the colonizers.”

    Orbán continued his attack. They knew in 1989 that the
    people of the past were already organizing and getting ready to salvage
    their power. Just as they did in 1956 when it almost looked as if at
    last we were free. They were already organizing the recall of the
    Soviets and the retributions that followed. In brief, people of the
    democratic opposition and the newly formed MSZP that four years later,
    in 1994, received an overwhelming majority of the votes were no better
    than Ferenc Münnich, János Kádár, István Kossa, Antal Apró who on
    November 4, 1956 announced the formation of a new government under the
    protective umbrella of the Soviet troops.

    But in the case that wasn’t enough, he added that they changed their quilted jackets to suits, and tovarish to Tavares. The
    quilted jacket (pufajka) was part of the Soviet military uniform and
    was used by the newly formed paramilitary force that was set up by
    Ferenc Münnich since neither the members of the military nor the police
    were considered reliable enough to be entrusted with keeping public
    order. Tovarish in English means “comrade” and the similarity of the
    word to the family name of Rui Tavares, the Portuguese member of the
    European Parliament who is critical of the Orbán government, gives the
    Hungarian right an excellent opportunity to equate the European Union
    with the Soviet Union as the enemy of the country.

    I could quote more of Orbán’s accusations against the European Union
    and the Hungarian opposition, but it would be repetitious. Instead, let
    us see what Viktor Orbán has in mind for the future. Especially for the
    next few months leading up to the election that almost certainly will be
    held in April. I can assure you: nothing good.

    We are not ostriches. We will not bury our heads in the sand. We
    see that they are organizing again, they are set against us, they again
    ally themselves with foreigners. We can see that they again sow the
    seeds of hate, discord, and violence. Anyone who followed the
    events in Baja knows how ludicrous these claims are. It was the local
    Fidesz politicians who cheated twice and who before the repeated
    by-election frightened the locals by driving through the district day
    and night and taking videos of everyone who exchanged a word with the
    candidate of the democratic opposition.

    As opposed to the hate mongering democrats are the peace-loving Fidesz forces. There
    are no coincidences. The Peace March was called by that name not by
    accident. Because we, all of us, want a gentle, serene, peaceful life.
    However, peacefulness is not the same as simple-mindedness and being
    half-witted. It is not the same as inactivity. Because there is no peace
    without truth. Never was. And for the truth one must do something.
    That’s why the Peace March did the right thing when it repelled the
    colonization attempt. Thanks for it!
    So, what do they have in mind? First, we will not watch idly and
    will uncover all their lies, all their falsifications, and the hundreds
    of their new tricks. It will be a hard fight but in this land freedom
    has a high price. Here Orbán interjects and warns his followers
    that they cannot rely solely on their government. They shouldn’t believe
    that the government alone will be able to defend the accomplishments
    hitherto achieved. Instead everybody in his place and in his field
    must complete the necessary work. Start organizing, come forward, join
    forces with us! There is no reason to be in a panic, but slowly we will
    have to start our machinery, must set up our troops in battle array
    just, as we did in 2010. Get prepared! Now we will finish what we
    started in 1956. We need everyone.

  • M. Tufail Chaudhry

    Whenever any topic on Islam is opened-up for discussions, lot many anti-Islamic comments are there, most of which are from people who hardly know anything about Islam. An element of prejudice in Western civilization is seen dominating their dialogues/comments, whenever invited on any subject of Islam. To all my brothers and sisters no matter where they come from and what faith/religion they follow, I request them all, that if you have to make some true comments on Islam, just once, read what Quran says, simple as that. And after reading Quran, if you have any question(s), they must be raised them for clarification by some real Muslim scholar(s), that will give you all a better understanding about Islam. And if you still stay dis-satisfied, you may follow whatever religion you wish to follow but then, by sure, your tone of comments or out-right hatred and refusal for or condemning Islam will be much too great subsided, because your inner will then guide you that whatever you want to say or write about Islam then, you will have to say at least what you have read about Islam in Quran and then I am sure that you are going to say quite different than what most of you say now, without reading Quran. And this is, in fact the truth of Islam and the Divine Revelation – Quran

    And one more thing – a point of caution, as there are good Christians and there are many others who don’t follow exactly what Jesus Christ said, likewise there are good practicing Muslims and there are many others who are Muslims only by name and hardly practice in their life or even know that what is written in Quran. Therefore when you want to know about Islam or Quran better read Quran and just don’t look at and follow what Muslims are doing – as they may be the Muslims by name only but totally ignorant what, actually, Allah Almighty, has taught them through Quran and all Prophets sent in series one after the other for the same one cause and for all those prophet (May Allah be pleased with them all grant them high status on account of what they did for the mankind). There is in fact only one religion in the world which was named differently in different times and mostly, it was named after the name of prophet(s) (May peace be upon them all) who taught it to the people around, at any, given or “the then time”. The word Islam has meanings, literally, a system that is followed for living a life in submitting ones own will to the Allah Almighty to promote peace, tha must be essentially prevailing in this world. Simple as that. This was the religion of Adam and Eve (May peace be upon them both and all other Prophets (Peace be upon them all) who were chosen men of Allah Almighty to guide Thy lord’s creation – the Human-beings as the society developed and several problems erupted for which Divine guidance was necessary to promote the society to live in peace in all given situations. Quran teaches us that 124,000 chosen people of Allah Almighty ever-since the Human-beings were created, sent to us, came to this world, as the chosen men of Allah Almighty to teach people one or the other new thing to better the society in the new growing and developing situation(s) whatever or fight any badness or evils that crept into the society at different times and from time to time. Therefore all prophets (Peace be upon them all) came for the same purpose that was to refine the society by fighting against evils, promoting peace and continue to have the relationship of the creator and the creation alive (The man and Allah Almighty) as it is must to be kept and the creature of Allah must obey and worship Thy Lord and follow all His command for evrything ever faced-with or encountrered by the mankind and is meant to be sent for all times and for different times as evolution takes place ever, in different times to come. All these commandments compiled are there in Quran which is the last Divine Revelation sent through Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the last prophet (PBUH) who is for all the times to come and never be replaced or anything added or subtracted from what was revealed to Muhammad (PBUH), because it, the Quran, answers all the questions and problems of mankind, guides us on each and everything, no matter how big or how small and how much resultant from whatever evolution and how much advancement in society and to what an extent revolutionized world with every moment passing that is changing this world drastically in many respects and on all directions whatever. And Quran will sure continue guiding us for all times to come . Surprisingly. this book is so much comprehensive that it gives us guidance on very personal and private matter of any individual of a society(s) by manifolds bigger to any extent, any nation or several nations put together and never fails to satisfy all around, no what matter what question happens to brew in anybody’s mind. One very strange thing about Quran is that it is a living “Miracle” meaning thereby that no matter who and (whom all and how many very scholarly people got together) if, want to change even an “Amlout”, of it, what to talk of a word in it, of any part of it, can’t do so, repeat, can’t do so, no matter what hard they try, this is rather an open Challenge from Allah Almighty itself and for all the men. in the oast it was, now it is and will remauns always in all future time to come starting from day one about 1,400 years back. And the most interesting out of this, is that Most Quran is printed these days in Non-Muslims world and especially the Christian countries because of their high tech and cost effectiveness, yet, although they are mostly against Islam and Quran, raising several objection, they have never evere dare or have been able to do any alteration in Quran what-so-ever. And it is same Quran from A – Z which was there 1,400 years and through-out this period and will always remain the same for all times to come whether printed in Germany, in USA in Thailand, China, Saudi Arabia or at any far of African country for that matter and a moment suppose any misprint (by mistake even) is there it is immediately caught by its reader(s) and even by those whose mother tongue is not Arabic and who, while reading it in Arabic don’t even know what is written there and what is the meaning of these sentences and chapters together that they are reading, unless they read its translation into their own mother tongue. And even more surprising than this is the fact that hundreds of thousands of people following Islam world-wide have memorized this huge book by heart, the Quran. Word by word it is memorized a huge book that is comprised of 77,437, 777,277 words in this Divine book. And this Divine book is memorized by more people whose mother tongue is not even Arabic and they hardly know the meaning of words of it except of a very few. One can realize, how difficult it is to memorize by heart any other book in any language comprising so many words and being so huge even if the people who want to do that, their mother tongue is the same as of that book and that also in a sequence and word by word as this Divine Revelation Quran that is Arabic is memorized by heart by people from the whole world and of different dialects, different languages , yet their pronunciation of any single word would be same the world wide without any slightest change in it, what-so-ever. I therefore ask you all, my brothers and sisters, world-wide to read this book at least once and only then submit your comments whatever and not without reading it, at all, and under the influence of ever existing prejudice towards Islam, Muslims and Quran from the non-Muslim’s world. Thanks and may Allah Almighty bless your souls to at least read this book once in life time to know its reality. M. Tufail Chaudhry, Email:

  • Ken Kelso

    If they like Islam so much, Hungary can take in the millions of Syrian refugees.

  • Corrigator

    If Vona praises Islam, it is a brazen negligence of how Hungary has fought the Ottoman expansion for centuries to preserve its Christian identity.

  • Emanuele

    Islam is against freedom. An example is the Arab spring.

  • Guest

    Aren’t hungarian ugric like the finns?

    Islam and Europe does not mix!

  • Patrik Fridén

    Aren’t Hungarian ugric like the Finns?

    Islam and Europe does not mix!

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