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Sharon Stone appears with wide open cleavage at Marrakech Film Festival

Omar Bihmidine
Omar Bihmidine is a junior high school teacher of English in Sidi Ifni city. He obtained his Associate Degree at Choaib Eddoukali University in 2008. He earned his B.A. from Ibn Zohr university, Agadir. His writings take the form of short stories, poems and ...
Sharon Stone appears with wide open cleavage at Marrakech Film Festival

 Sidi Ifni- Sharon Stone, the Hollywood star who attended the opening ceremony of the Marrakech Film Festival Friday night, appeared on stage boasting her cleavage. But unlike the past when such look used to stir controversy in Moroccan conservative society, the American actress’ look went unnoticed by Moroccan audience.

The pictures taken of her during the festival made her appear as one of the sexiest women on the screen.

Director Martin Scorsese, this year’s jury president, awarded the star a lifetime achievement prize.

 Sharone Stone was among several foreign artists who are to be honored in this year’s edition of the festival.

Wearing a long blue robe at the opening ceremony, more than a fair share of her cleavage stood out. Sharon prides herself on the best films she starred in and the numerous awards she has won worldwide, such as a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.

Martin Scorsese was honored to award Stone a prize on Friday night. Sharon expressed her passion for bridging cultures of the world and promoting tolerance, creativity and peace.

‘The Marrakech film festival has given us the opportunity to bring together cultures from around the world to show our creative spirit,” Sharon said. 

“I’m grateful to receive this award, “she added.

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