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Morocco: man rapes his mother-in-law because of his wife’s absence

Omar Bihmidine
Omar Bihmidine is a junior high school teacher of English in Sidi Ifni city. He obtained his Associate Degree at Choaib Eddoukali University in 2008. He earned his B.A. from Ibn Zohr university, Agadir. His writings take the form of short stories, poems and ...
Morocco: man rapes his mother-in-law because of his wife’s absence

Sidi Ifni- A man from Tifelt, a small town near Rabat, has been involved in a heinous crime. He admitted that he raped his mother in-law in his wife’s absence.

Tifelt’s police arrested the man for sexually abusing his mother-in-law in the absence of his wife, according to Al Quds Al Arabi.

The “stepson” took advantage of his wife’s absence and went on to sexually abuse and violently rape his mother-in law, the same source added.

The man, who had allowed his mother-in-law to live with her daughter in his house, admitted the accusations and said that the absence of his wife during her trip to Tangier on November 29 induced him to perpetrate the crime.

He also admitted to satisfying his sexual desires by violently raping his mother-in-law.

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