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Morocco brushes off rumors on tsunami published by Egyptian newspaper

Morocco brushes off rumors on tsunami published by Egyptian newspaper

By Aissam El Hani

Tetouan – A Moroccan official brushed off the piece of news published yesterday by the Egyptian newspaper  “Al Dostor” according to which Morocco will witness one of the worst tsunamis in the region by the end of this year. 

“The evidence presented in the newspaper is misleading and needs further investigation,” said an official from the Moroccan National Institute of Geophysics.

 “We can’t predict tsunamis because earthquake is the main cause for tsunami and we can’t predict it’’.

The same official raised the following question: “Is it possible to predict the quake that struck the coast of the city of Larache today and was felt in Casablanca, although Casablanca is 340 kilometers away from the epicenter of the quake?”

The less-than-credible report published by the Egyptian newspaper claimed that Morocco will witness the deadliest tsunami in the world beginning on December 26, adding that it will wreck much havoc in Morocco, bringing about a loss of millions of dirhams and a death toll of 10 million lives.

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  • jaz

    Moroccan idiot! Scientist and geologists have always worked and researched the movements underground and have warn people and government when things are moving but not when they will move. That way they have saved many lives in many places around the world before volcanic erupts and earthquakes happened! Moroccans who cares about Moroccans definitely not the governments or the ministers!

  • Monika L. Sheldon-London

    This below is probably what the Egyptian newspaper is referring to since the exposure of Kerri Kennedy, “just one more cog in a gigantic fraud machine”.

    Ready or not, a “tsunami” of young Kennedys is headed our way. Charlotte Rudge of Yahoo Shine informs us:

    “Know what?” Robert Kennedy, Jr.said at a 2011 fundraiser. “There are 85 cousins in the fourth generation. About half of them say they’re going to go into politics. So, I think that there’s like a tsunami coming.”

    Read more:

    Mafia style threats by the Kennedy clan are common place and Kennedy is implicated in the Polisario Debacle in the Sahara. Since they are family due to the marriage of the mother of Jaqueline Bouvier Kennedy with the Rockefellers, the founders of Standard Oil, The Tri-Lateral Commission, The Counsel on Foreign Relations and the highly dangerous Rockefeller Brother’s Foundation who funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and the “talented” Dr. Joseph Mengele in preparaton for the Nazi movement and the extermination of the jews: a disguised threat of this nature should be taken very seriously. David Rockefeller, the third generation heir, involves himself in the euphemistic, Council on Population Policy…which basically means…rich people getting together in order to figure out how to kill vast numbers of specific populations without getting caught or attracting attention. In addition to having orchestrated an Anti-Trust scam by splitting Standard Oil into four parts and partnering those four parts into Exxon/Mobile, Shell, BP and Chevron just for starters, they are in essence the architects of the Military Industrial Complex, heavy investors/owners of the largest Defense Contractors. They like to play this way and they have access to the most destructive toys ever invented.

    They are The Shadow Government.

    One word – homicidal

  • Monika L. Sheldon-London

    Kennedys and their current obsession with tsunamis and threats of tsunamis being made against Morocco and Kennedys stance against Morocco in the Sahara. It is getting pretty bizaare, (strikingly far fetched), when you start looking at what is really going on with the Kennedys.

    AP The Big Story
    and Japan being a member of the Tri-lateral Commission things really are all in the family.

    excerpted from another gigantic fraud machine story –
    Facilitated by Legislation perterbing the US Bankruptcy procedure, Legislation presented by “supporters” of Senator and then President Obama, (Kennedy et al); supporters who happen to be lobbyists of this type of bastardized Legislation and then change hats to be Insolvency experts, then once insolvency has been rubber stamped by their pocket filling judges, (such as those appointed by the Kennedy’s hand selected California Appointment Secretary under Governor Schwarzenegger), they change hats again and are appointed by said pocket filling judges as the Bankruptcy Trustees, (impossible you might say); the fleeced creators of America’s wealth are sitting in Federal Prison, (if they did not die of a heart attack due to the stress or Leukemia due to the microbial poisoning by their Federal jailers, thanks to their legal Defense teams, who also profess to be in Kennedy’s corner, and the forced signatures inked on Plea Bargains, the,Kennedy tsunami is showing up everywhere these days.

  • Billy

    Is that real..?? I live in Morocco/Rabat and I’m so scared. :(

    • Monika L. Sheldon-London

      This is real. Film makers use bombs to create waves. Kennedy clan are in the entertainment business and their film producers use the wave making bomb technique. They ran a story in a newspaper that they have some control over and then detonated the bombs off the coast of Morocco and flooded the coastal cities. It was an effects stunt.

  • Monika L. Sheldon-London

    ‘Tsumani bomb’ tested off New Zealand Coast – Telegraph January 1, 2013 by Jonathan Pearlman, Sidney

    The tests were carried out in waters around New Caledonia and Auckland during the Second World War and showed that the weapon was feasible and a series of 10 large offshore blasts could potentially create a 33-foot tsunami capable of inundating a small city.

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