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Meet young Moroccan Maha Laziri, 17th Most Powerful Arab Women

Rabat – Make a change! Isn’t it the dream of many individuals who think out of the box and whose aspirations go beyond the sky? When we are young, we tend to dream big. Maha Laziri has a dream and it seems that nothing can stop her from making it a reality.

Maha Laziri honored her Moroccan heritage and ranked 17th as the world’s most powerful Arab woman among one hundred inspiring women from all over the “sandbox” according to the Arabian Business Magazine.

Being a young female from an emerging country like Morocco, Maha Laziri found her passion as an education activist. Given the limited access to education in remote villages of Morocco, children rarely finish their school and girls get married at an early age and sometimes, those areas do not even have a decent room for students to learn.

Maha wrote on her personal account on social media:

“We are growing to know that building schools is necessary but not enough. It is not only about education, it is not only about schooling, it is more about what students learn and understand that matters most. Our battle to ensure that students learn is just getting started. One day, all Moroccan children will have access to schools where they learn and give back.”

She founded a non-governmental organization in 2011, called Teach4Morocco whose aim is to improve the educational system in Morocco and construct schools that are equipped with the necessary criteria to ensure a comprehensive learning. The NGO is  made up of  ten people who are still in their twenties and gets its funding from the French Institute, Sciences Po Aix.

Maha and her team take it as a duty to build schools in isolated parts of Morocco. So far, Teach4Morocco built a school in a tiny village in the Atlas Mountains.

Similar initiatives need attention such as maintaining the water pressure that keeps the water wheel rolling in certain villages in Morocco. The Ministry of education may not reach those hidden corners of the country, but Maha and people like her are born to see them and open the people’s eyes to their suffering. Sometimes, we cannot wait for the government to do everything, but if we work hand in hand, this world will be a better place, maybe not for us, but for the next generations.

Maha Laziri posted a congratulations note for her team on her Facebook account: “ We hope that this exposure benefits our cause and sheds light on structural issues in education notably in the most remote regions of Morocco.”

Moroccan writer Fatima Mernissi ranked in 42nd place, while  Ismahane Elouadi, head of the International Centre for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA), ranked in 73rdplace as the.

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