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Can Moroccan Jews Join the Justice and Development Party?

Rabat – Can Moroccan Jews join the Justice and Development party (PJD)?

The Islamic party’s officials have to answer this question, as a Moroccan Jew sent an open letter to them this week requesting to join the party.

In an unprecedented and unusual move, Isaac Charia, a Moroccan Jewish lawyer in Rabat, sent a request to join the Islamic party PJD. Isaac questions in his letter if the PJD welcomes Moroccan Jews, saying that he hopes that the Islamic party won’t consider his request a cynical act.

Isaac Charia explained to Akhbar Al Yaoum that he does not intend to embarrass the PJD, stressing that his letter is a call to the Islamic party to accept people who believe in certain ideas that contradict the party’s ideas. Addressing the PJD’s officials, Isaac said, “this is who I am…Will you accept me?”

Isaac added, “I want to know what is the stand of the Islamic party of the Moroccan Jewish? Is Justice and Development Party only for Muslims?”

However, Isaac explained that the party’s officials should be aware if they accept him that he has different ideas, and they will have to modernize and reconsider many of the party’s stands, particularly, its stance on the Palestinian groups Hamas and Fatah.

 “I see that PJD Party struggles for causes that I see are far from the Moroccans’ interests,” he said. ”What does the party benefit as Government leader from the tendency to Hamas at the expense of Fatah?” Isaac asked.

Isaac stressed that political parties should not be based in religion in general.

“After the Islamic world witnessed many fights in the name of religion in which many people were killed… I think it’s the time to abandon the mixing between religion and politics and struggle for the real development,” explained Isaac.

Isaac Charia said that he hasn’t received any response from the Justice and Development Party thus far.

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