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Can Moroccan Jews Join the Justice and Development Party?

Aziz Allilou
Aziz Allilou is a student at the Higher Institute of Media and Communications (ISIC) and Morocco World News correspondent in Rabat.
Can Moroccan Jews Join the Justice and Development Party?

Rabat – Can Moroccan Jews join the Justice and Development party (PJD)?

The Islamic party’s officials have to answer this question, as a Moroccan Jew sent an open letter to them this week requesting to join the party.

In an unprecedented and unusual move, Isaac Charia, a Moroccan Jewish lawyer in Rabat, sent a request to join the Islamic party PJD. Isaac questions in his letter if the PJD welcomes Moroccan Jews, saying that he hopes that the Islamic party won’t consider his request a cynical act.

Isaac Charia explained to Akhbar Al Yaoum that he does not intend to embarrass the PJD, stressing that his letter is a call to the Islamic party to accept people who believe in certain ideas that contradict the party’s ideas. Addressing the PJD’s officials, Isaac said, “this is who I am…Will you accept me?”

Isaac added, “I want to know what is the stand of the Islamic party of the Moroccan Jewish? Is Justice and Development Party only for Muslims?”

However, Isaac explained that the party’s officials should be aware if they accept him that he has different ideas, and they will have to modernize and reconsider many of the party’s stands, particularly, its stance on the Palestinian groups Hamas and Fatah.

 “I see that PJD Party struggles for causes that I see are far from the Moroccans’ interests,” he said. ”What does the party benefit as Government leader from the tendency to Hamas at the expense of Fatah?” Isaac asked.

Isaac stressed that political parties should not be based in religion in general.

“After the Islamic world witnessed many fights in the name of religion in which many people were killed… I think it’s the time to abandon the mixing between religion and politics and struggle for the real development,” explained Isaac.

Isaac Charia said that he hasn’t received any response from the Justice and Development Party thus far.

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Comments (11)

  • ZionistSlayer

    Dear Mr. Isaac Charia,

    If I may be so bold as to answer on behalf of the PJD. I completely understand your question and the root cause reasoning behind it.

    To answer your first question, the PJD is open to ALL Moroccans, Jewish, Muslims, Christian, and even if you worship goats dyed in green paint or pet rocks, you are welcome to join the PJD. Do you know why? Because PJD does not discriminate. Unlike Apartheid Israel, where roads, license plates and even jobs are determined by your stated religious beliefs.

    To answer your second question, the reason that nobody supports Fatah, is that Fatah is run by a well known collaborator, a man that will go down in history as one of the most evil traitors to ever betray the Palestinian people, Mahmoud Abbas. Mahmoud Abas is not the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, he is the installed puppet of Israeli terrorists. He was elected once, perhaps… but has not stood for legitimate elections since, unlike the representatives of Hamas, who despite being held under literal siege by Apartheid Israel, have had what everyone agrees have been open, free and fair elections, where they win by mandate.

    Consequently, in recognizing Hamas, the PJD would simply be recognizing the legitimate representatives of the Palestinian people in Palestine. As for Apartheid Israel, you might as well be talking about Disney land, because I do not recognize the Terrorist sponsoring apartheid theocracy of Israel; neither do a vast majority of people on the face of the Earth.

    Apartheid Israel, my dear friend is going away, one way or another, this is the reality that all Educated people come to, it is simply a matter of time. The Palestinians are winning the baby war. The Zionists are not capable of bringing in other Zionists fast enough, and eventually the Palestinians will regain their lands and Apartheid Israel will be no more. In fact, it is apartheid Israel that needs to seize the opportunity to return to the Pre-1967 borders now, or forever be the one to go down in history as the one who never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

    So now I must ask you a question, do you love Morocco or is Apartheid Israel the country to which you owe your loyalties? It would seem to me that if you really loved Morocco instead of Apartheid Israel, you would be focused on using your legal skills to help remove the scourge of corruption from Moroccan courts instead of being pre-occupied with the state of Moroccan/Israeli relations.

    I hope you decide to join PJD my brother, for you will find that the PJD is much more open and embracing of difference than the devils who run Apartheid Israel.

    • Khalid ibn Walid

      With this excellent answer, I am convinced that Mr. Isaac Charia are satisfied with your response, and will join the Islamic party PJD to fight against discrimination and the struggle against the oppression of the Palestinians. Anything else would be unserious from Mr. Isaac Charia.

    • Khalid ibn Walid

      You know that you can not criticize apartheid Israel.
      Most likely someone will comment on your article and call you just another Jew hater undercover.

  • Xemocraxy

    Traditionally, citizens join the party that appeal best to them, not the other way around. Political parties reach out to a broader base only as necessary as long as the concessions made in the processes doesn’t cost them their core base. Having say that successful parties in healthy societies should be inclusive and never exclude citizens on recial and religious criteria since the policies that emanate from their ascent to power would promote social and economic justice. I admit that I am ignorant of mission statement of our political parties, past and present, for the simple reason that I don’t wanna spent my time shewing on their irrelevant existence. And the results speaks for themselves.

  • meknassi

    Isaac Charia is definitely Moroccan. He has that Moroccan and North African pathology which makes one orient their attention to the Middle East and its concerns however irrelevant to Morocco and North Africa. And this my friends is the behaviour of a colonised mind constantly looking to the foreign metropole for information, affirmation and inspiration.

    Hamas, Fatah, Palestine and Israel, all of these might as well be planets at the fringes of the known universe. They are so far removed from anything practical to us that even thinking about them is like carrying dead weight. I don’t support any of these and will never see them exploit Morocco for their ends. We should know Middle Eastern people are adept at exploiting peoples via religions and ideologies, this is their most salient talent. I personally find their efforts/tricks completely juvenile but I know too many of our people are vulnerable to their artifices, so, I am fearful and antagonistic towards them.

    I will never forget an incident in France years back: upon entering a supermarket I saw the most ferocious people —mostly our Maghrebi youth wearing pro-Palestinian slogans— physically destroying any product with “made in Israel” on its packaging; they did so despite the ineffective intervention of the staff. I witnessed such sentiment and such diligence in their actions that I almost felt it appropriate to sarcastically shout, “That’ll teach them Israelis to stop occupying Morocco!” Perhaps if I had they would have realised, wait a minute, we never did this to “made in Spain” though Spain actually occupies two Maghrebian cities! and is guilty of perpetrating a holocaust against our kinsfolk in al-Andalus. In fact, if a person were to judge Moroccans’ attitude towards Spain and Barca Football Club, they would wrongfully have no reason to believe Spain had ever perpetrated demonic deeds against us. The point is too many Moroccans have been programmed, by Middle Eastern intellectual colonization, to consider the causes of the Middle East more worthy and of a higher priority than their own. In fact it is more severe than this!

    • ZionistSlayer

      Meknessi, I am a little confused by what you are saying here. I generally agree with what you say and even here I completely understand where you are coming from, but I think it is possible to be a strong supporter of the Palestinian cause, to feel solidarity with our fellow Arabs, to despise the racism and apartheid practiced in Israel and yet be aware of Spain being a country that has done a great deal of harm to Moroccans.

      It is possible to multi-task, is it not?

      I personally don’t care that Spain is occupying Melilia and Sebta. I have zero connection with those two cities. If Morocco had a functioning justice system and a govt. that made people feel any sense of Justice, then the people of Melilia and Sebta would be rushing into Morocco instead of the other way around.

      If you took a poll of the youth in Morocco and asked them if they would rather keep their Moroccan citizenship, complete with their absolute guarantee to see no Justice in this lifetime from any court, or be a citizen of Spain, complete with the ability to go to any European nation in search of work, knowing that their rights and economic prosperity are somewhat guaranteed, I think we know that a majority of these youth would opt for scaling a 50 foot barbed wire fence to be spit upon by Spanish Police, glared at by Spaniards and essentially abused for being from Morocco.

      The fact that our youth would prefer to be treated in Europe almost as bad as Palestinians are treated in Palestine by Zionist squatters, tells us all we need to know about how horrible the current state of affairs is for Moroccan youth living in Morocco. Moroccan youth are depressed because they feel utterly hopeless. This is exactly how the powers that be want them, they don’t want them angry, they want them depressed and hopeless, so that there is no, “Fouda” and the status quo remains, where Justice is but a pipe dream.

      Why do our youth feel hopeless and depressed? Because our Judicial system is corrupt to the core. It is that simple. If our Justice system worked on any level, and youth actually believed that they would have justice from Judges, they would be willing to work hard here in Morocco and develop business and commerce, knowing that their rights will be protected… unfortunately, this is simply not the case. A vast majority of Judges in Morocco are nothing more than two bit prostitutes selling verdicts to the highest bidder, and these are the most vile of prostitutes as they sodomize innocent Moroccan children, without any lubrication may I add!

      The state of the Moroccan Judiciary has led me to decide to NOT raise my children in Morocco, as I worry that they may one day fall victim, not to some arbitrary judgement, because it is unlikely they would ever put themselves in that kind of situation; but because I don’t want them to grow up to be depressed living in the open air Prison known as Morocco. We are lucky, we are white, or can pass for white as our skin color is fair, and all of us were born in another country – as for other Moroccans, they are destined to be raped and sodomized by an out of control judiciary in Morocco, much the way Palestinians are raped and sodomized by Mahmoud Abbas and his masters the Zionists.

      • meknassi

        “I personally don’t care that Spain is occupying Melilia and Sebta.”

        If you are Moroccan —I’ll assume you are— how can you be more concerned with the occupation of Palestinian cities than the occupation of Moroccan ones? Lets start there. Both are occupations what’s the difference?

        The difference to me is that Sebta and Melillia are Moroccan, as part and parcel of the collective inheritance of all Moroccans people as Marrakesh is. I cannot brush aside what History teaches and say I have no connection to Sebta and Melilia. Again let me repeat, I am assuming you are Moroccan, if you are not Moroccan then what you said is reasonable. For all I know you may be a Spanish and find the occupation normal.

        The concept of Arab identity is an Asiatic intrusion into our region, it has nothing to do with the vast swathe of Moroccan history. I beg you to research the origins of Arabism, Arab nationalism, pan-Arabs — pay particular details to the geography and ethnography of this stream of ideology. You must thoroughly research the people behind this ideology. You will find that it was imported and imposed on the Moroccan people in a top down approach, people like Allal Fassi were a landing strip for arabism. In the writings of early Arabism Morocco is not even mentioned, a very telling thing.

        If you are trying to sell the idea that Sebta and Melilia are better as a Spanish possessions because Spain provides more freedoms and opportunities than Morocco you sound awfully similar to Zionists who defend Israel by saying that Arabs in Israel have more rights and opportunities than any Arabs in the whole Arab world. (This is something Zionists are fond of saying by the way).

        You asked me if I can multi-task. Yes I can, I can fight for Sebta and Melillia as well as fighting against corruption, etc.

        • ZionistSlayer

          Brother, I think we will just have to agree to disagree; I see Melilia and Sebta as proof that Morocco is failing its people, just as I see Gibraltar as proof that Spain is failing its people too. When your people would rather be citizens of another country, or have their children educated in another country, then that says everything that is really needed to be said.

          My blood is O positive. I am above all Muslim first if God accepts – I wish you well, and I hope that you will see that there is a very big difference between Zionists having Apartheid laws against Palestinians in Palestine, and Morocco having Apartheid Laws in Morocco against Moroccans and in favor of Zionists and “white foreigners”.

          Whites & Zionists can legally do the following in Morocco, while Moroccan Muslims go to jail if they do:

          1. Share a hotel room with someone other than their wife – proven with a marriage certificate
          2. Fast Ramadan
          3. Drink a beer or any alcohol – or serve Alcohol or own/run a bar
          4. Gamble in a Casino
          5. Change their religion

          So, you can add the Moroccan govt. to the list of people that hates Moroccans in Morocco

          • meknassi

            Moroccan government is guilty of everything you said and more. I can’t begin to defend it.

            O positive? Mashallah.

        • Khalid ibn Walid

          Sebta and Melilia should belong to Morocco. I believe that issue is not at issue right now. Morocco would have less support for the Sahara if you ran that question right now.
          It’s very unfair to compare Sebta and Melilia with Palestine.
          Many Moroccans would give a fortune to get to Sebta and Melilia but I do not think there’s any Moroccan who would even go free to Palestine.

          Those injustices in Palestine is difficult to find in any other part of the world, you can find them in Burma (Myanmar), Central African Republic (CAR), Syria and Chechenien. Unfortunately there are certainly more examples. What makes Palestine so special is that it has been going on for so many years and they have no one to stand up for them in a serious manner. The Jews want to exterminate the Palestinians. They have subjected them to physical and psychological terror for 65 years.

          Then comes a jew lawyer named Isaac Charia and trying to make fun of us Moroccans . Probably he lives better than anyone Palestinians do throughout Israel.

          Muhsin Khan
          Verily , you ( believers in the Oneness of Allah – Islamic Monotheism ) are more awful as a fear in Their ( Jews of Bani An- Nadir ) breasts than Allah. That is Because They are a people who comprehend not ( the Majesty and Power of Allah). Surat Al-?ashr 59:13

          The Prophet Muhammad ‘s Last Sermon ( part of it )
          All mankind is from Adam and Eve , an Arab has no superiority over a non – Arab nor a non – Arab has any superiority over an Arab ; overpriced a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action . Learn That every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and That the Muslims constitute one brotherhood .

          Unfortunately, we Moroccans have the mentality that we rank people by their origin or skin color. We have to stop that .

          The Prophet ??? ???? ???? ???? also said about brotherhood: “None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.” [Bukhari & Muslim]

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