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Samira Sitail to Protest With Women’s Rights Activists against Benkirane’s Remarks

Aziz Allilou
Aziz Allilou is a student at the Higher Institute of Media and Communications (ISIC) and Morocco World News correspondent in Rabat.
Samira Sitail to Protest With Women’s Rights Activists against Benkirane’s Remarks

Rabat – Samira Sitail, head of the news department of channel 2M, announced her participation in the protests against Benkirane’s impassioned speech to Parliament where he told Moroccan women that their place is in their homes rather than in the workplace.

The sit-in will take place Tuesday in front of the Parliament in Rabat.

Following Abdelilalh Benkirane’scall to dismiss her from her position, Samira Sitail stated on her Facebook page that “for a man who dreams of seeing the Moroccan women locked up in their kitchen, it is not surprising that he wants me to stay home…”.

“It seems that he does not understand that, like millions of Moroccan women, I work to earn a living, and I’m not the only woman to live on her own salary,” she added.

Samira Sitail went on: “Well, I am must leave you because I have to return to my work. But I will take the necessary time to participate in the sit-in tomorrow.”

The sit-in, organized by civil coalitions and women’s rights organizations, will take place on Tuesday at 5:00 PM in front of Parliament. Through this sit-in, Moroccan women aim to protest against Benkirane’s remarks on women and demand women’s right to equality in the workplace.

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