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Marrakech to Have a New Airport

Marrakech, the Red City. Photo by Morocco World News
Marrakech, the Red City. Photo by Morocco World News

Azrou – A 2 July meeting chaired by Moroccan Minister of Equipment, Transportation and Logistics, Aziz Rebbah, studied the prospects of a new airport in Marrakech.

Mr. Rebahrevealed that the cost of constructing a new airport could reach MAD 4.3 billion ($520 million).

At MAD 4.3 billion and with a capacity of 10 million passengers per year, the future Marrakech airport will provide solutions to the existing problems of the current city airport, whose development is blocked by increasing urbanization.

Although expansion and renovation have increased the capacity of the current airport to 9 million passengers per year, it will not be able to absorb increasing traffic, which is expected to reach 14.37 million passengers in 2030.

Local figures also participated in the meeting, which focused on the various potential locations for the new airport, which should be located within 30 kilometers of the city.

Neighborhoods like Sidi Zouine and Sidi Bouatmane were identified as possible sites for the construction of the new airport.

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