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Interview with Jon Stewart: Hillary Clinton Blames Hamas, Supports Israel

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  • ZionistSlayer

    Hillary Clinton is a liar. But this should surprise nobody, as she is, of course, first and foremost a politician; and as a politician she lies for a living.

    The important thing to understand for non-Americans who watch what she says is that this is what a majority of Americans believe. Americans have been conditioned by the Zionist controlled media to throw out these talking points and manipulate reality to suit the interests of their paymasters.

    Apartheid Israel will lose. There are many reasons that Apartheid Israel will lose, but I will point out the most obvious:

    The percentage of Americans who watch TV is at an all time low. In the 16 to 32 Age range less than 40% even own a television. This means that they are not as susceptible to the lies and brainwashing that Apartheid Israel does on this medium. Additionally, the world is smaller, people are more connected – it is getting harder and harder to hide the truth.

    Palestinians are reproducing at a much faster rate than the Zionists. Corrupt and cowardly leaders in the Arab world don’t have much time left in tenure. The current crop of Shiekhs and Military dictators that run Arab countries are not sustainable. The vast majority will be out of power within the next 10 years, simply because of the baby bomb. There will be unemployment rates of 30 to 40 percent and since the immigration valve is no longer an option – and because of the influx of cheap and easy access to weapons – dictators are no longer as secure as they once were.

    This means that Apartheid Israel has a very short window during which it has to close the deal on its, “Final Solution” – The Palestinians need to clean house.

    This means getting rid of Mahmoud Abass and all of the others who collaborate with Apartheid Israel. It also means having an agenda that continues to do EXACTLY what they are doing now. They need to push the international community towards economic warfare of divestment, boycott and ultimately succeed in labeling Israel as an Apartheid state. Once Israel is labeled by the International community as an Apartheid state, which it is – then it is all over – then it is just a matter of time before Terrorists like Nutandyahoo get jail cells. It will also then be just a matter of time before America gets the kind of leadership it needs to turn it around – people with integrity, like RON PAUL, NOT Rand Paul who seems to have sold out to Apartheid Israel, but RON Paul who is a real great American, and certainly not washed up DC Insiders who are corrupt to the core like Hilary Clinton.

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