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ISIS Beheads its “Almaghribi” Leader Over Espionage

ISIS Beheads its “Almaghribi” Leader Over Espionage

Rabat- Militants from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) reportedly beheaded a group of prominent leaders including Abu Ubaida Almaghribi, because of doubts regarding their allegiance and work for foreign entities. 

According to Alyoum24, Ubaida Almaghribi, who is originally from Syria of Kurdish origins, and served as the head of intelligence services of the ISIS organization in the city of Aleppo, Syria, was beheaded after being accused for reporting information on the activities, movements, and plans of ISIS to the United Kingdom.

Because of his nickname (Ubaida Almaghribi), many local media outlets reported that the beheaded ISIS leader is of Moroccan origins.

This is the first time the organization announces the execution of one of its members.

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