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Saudi Scholar Claims that ISIS is Backed by Western Intelligence

Rabat – Saudi Shura council member Dr. Aissa Al-Ghaith has said that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), recently named Islamic State (IS) is backed by international intelligence agencies, likening the terror organization to a sacrifice sheep which is being fattened in preparation for slaughter.

In an interview with Television channel Rotana Khalijia, Al-Ghaith who is a member of the consultative Assembly of Saudi Arabia, an advisory body whose 150 members are appointed by the Saudi Monarch, accused the intelligence agencies of key regional players, including Iran and Iraq in addition to the American intelligence of funding and arming ISIS.

Al-Ghaith said that the withdrawal of Iraqi forces from Mosul and other areas leaving their arms and military equipment in the process was a tactical maneuver by the Iraqi Army to allow ISIS extremists to seize the weapons. He further claimed that the Islamic State haven’t targeted neither Iran nor Israel, which, according to him, indicates the terrorist group’s allegiance to them.

The Shura council member pointed out that the so-called Jihad ISIS are talking about is nothing but a fake Jihad which is being employed by a group of extremists and outsiders who did not support Islam for the last thirty years.

He added that these practices are only giving colonial powers argument to go back to the region.

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