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Morocco: a New Law Criminalizes Traveling to Tension Zones


Rabat– Amid the growing number of Moroccans who travel to Syria and Iraq in order to join the Islamic State’s ranks, the Moroccan government has passed a new law, on Thursday that criminalizes traveling to the tension areas.

In a press conference on Thursday, Minister of Justice and Liberties Mustafa Ramid stated that the new bill aims at protecting the Moroccan youth from “being lured to the tension areas, where killing and beheading happens, every day.”

The Minister of Justice added that whoever attempts to travel to these areas will be detained, under this new bill, “since the intention of traveling to the tension areas is always baked by terrorism intentions”.

This new law aims at facing the growing number of ISIS-linked cells that brainwash the Moroccan youth into joining the Islamic State ranks for Jihad.

The new law includes an article, which allows the arrest and the trial of any Moroccan in Morocco or abroad, for committing a terrorist crime, outside Morocco.

“This new law criminalizes forming any all the organizations, inside Morocco or abroad which aims at carrying out terrorist operations, or the cells that trains Moroccan youth in order to send them to the terrorist ranks,” said Mustafa Ramid.

Under this law, whoever was detained for one of these charges mentioned above, will be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison, and a fine of up to MAD 5000 (580 USD).

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