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Joban Cosmetics Launches their Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Line

New York – Joban Cosmetics, Inc, the nation’s natural skin care company, announced the launch of an all-natural anti-aging skin care line. To start the line will feature a day cream, a night cream and an eye serum.

“Many people are understanding how important it is use natural products on their skin”, Joban’s Creative Director Raveena Kaur told MWN. “We felt there was a niche for a natural anti-aging skin care line for people who are looking for something all natural, effective & high-end but at an affordable price,” she added.

Although there are many skin care products, Joban intends to offer more, by having developed leading edge products by the means of using natural ingredients and formulas used by India for centuries. “With Joban’s products you’ll feel refreshed & beautiful all the while knowing you are not intoxicating your body with unnecessary chemicals,” Kaur continued. “Our natural formulas are changing the game in the skin care & cosmetics industry.”

Joban Cosmetics has launched the Anti-Aging products online this week. “Our goal is to add an all-natural Repair Serum, Firming Cream & a Cleanser/Toner by early spring of 2015,” Kaur said.

About Joban Cosmetics, Inc.

Joban Cosmetics is an all-natural skin & personal care company that specializes in providing you chemical-free, high-end & safe products at affordable prices. Having roots from India, Joban has utilized India’s powerful natural oils & herbs in all our products making them highly effective.

For additional information, contact:

Raveena Kaur, Creative Director, Joban Cosmetics, Inc.
[email protected]/ www.jobancosmetics.com

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