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Marrakech GES Summit: Workshop of Mentoring for Women Entrepreneurs

Olathe, Kansas- The annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) (November 19-21, 2014), in Marrakech, will feature a workshop that will focus on the advancement of women entrepreneurs.

King Mohammed VI and President Obama determined that the annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit would be hosted in Morocco this year, showcasing Morocco’s marvelous history, heritage, and growing economic engine, on the world stage.

This fifth annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit will convene thousands of participants and will highlight the impact of technology on modern entrepreneurship. The 2014 Summit takes place during Global Entrepreneurship Week, making it the largest of the thousands of entrepreneurship events taking place around the world that week. Entrepreneurship creates opportunity. It is a key to unlocking economic growth, creating jobs, and empowering populations.

“Accelerating Success: Mentoring Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs” will be presented on November 21, 2014. The goal of this Workshop is for each participant to gain a strong understanding of the power and process of mentoring, to optimize their business success. Mentoring provides a structured relationship that brings people together with experienced individuals who offer guidance, support, and encouragement. It can be a highly effective way to improve business performance. A business mentor is someone whose hindsight can become your foresight.

The Mentoring Workshop will bring women entrepreneurs (or “would-be entrepreneurs”) together with women already established in their fields. Mentors provide practical information, advice, and support to their Mentees. The orgaizers will address what Mentorship is, what makes a successful mentoring relationship, goal setting, and boundaries. Then, most importantly, they will conduct a Mentoring Rotation, providing participants with an opportunity to meet with mentors, share their business challenges, and implement what they have learned in the workshop.

The “Accelerating Success: Mentoring Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs” will be presented by Laura Owen, CEO of Ponscio (former Secretary of Commerce for the State of Kansas), and Yasmine El Baggari, Founder of Voyaj (native of Morocco).

“Women are at a tipping point, worldwide, to launch and grow their businesses, and attain great success” stated Laura Owen, CEO of Ponscio. “Mentoring can ignite a business and serve as its compass, to optimize an entrepreneur’s success.”

Women (and men) who wish to attend the Mentoring Workshop can register at: http://bit.ly/1tRoI7p

Experienced businesswomen who wish to participate as Mentors in the Mentoring Workshop are encouraged to submit their bios (or resumes) to [email protected] for consideration. This Workshop provides successful women with a way for them to pay it forward, and help other women envision and achieve their success.

Participants that have paid the registration fee to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit ($100) can attend this Workshop at no additional cost. It is recommend that participants preregister for the Workshop. University students (with university IDs) may apply to have this entry fee (to GES) waived.

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