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Switzerland: ‘Halal’ Butcher Sold Pork to Muslim Customers For 3 Years

Switzerland: ‘Halal’ Butcher Sold Pork to Muslim Customers For 3 Years

Rabat- For three years, a butcher in Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland, deceived his Muslim customers by selling them pork falsely presented as calf.

The butcher has reportedly sold 3.1 tons of pork making his customers believe that the meat is Halal, according to the Swiss version of 20Minutes, which revealed this scandal.

In a routine control of food security, an inspector noticed that the meat presented for sale didn’t look like calf, as the tag claimed.

The manager of the butchery was sentenced to 6 months in jail and a fine 18,000 Swiss francs (about $18,680) “for fraud and misrepresentation.”

“If customers had known it was pork, they would not have bought it because Islam forbids the consumption of this type of meat,” says the prosecutor handling the case.

The butcher was deceiving his customers double fold. On the one hand, Muslims who were buying meat at his shop did not know it was pork, which is forbidden according to the teachings of Islam. On the other hand, he made substantial profits, since pork is much cheaper than the calf on the meat market.

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  • Maestro

    and when he comes out after 6 months, we will kill him like one and feed his carcass to pigs as well.

    • MoHamMad

      What a sad twisted individual you are, all in the name of your made up nonsensical religion.

      • Mike De Fleuriot

        Nope, it’s not made up, Islam is a real and present thing as well as being a danger to humanity and it’s future. Which is why we are working to get rid of it. It has nothing to offer us.

        • samy

          People like you are a real danger for humanity because you’re spreading hatred and bullshits.

          • Mike De Fleuriot

            Choose between me and fundamental Islam. I can promise that you will be much safer with me in an extremely heated debate on any subject, than with a fundi Muslim. And you know this to be true, with only knowing one thing about me, that I am an atheist. I would never kill you because you have a different opinion to me, no matter how wrong you are. So tell me who is the real danger again, or are you part of that danger?

          • samy

            I don’t have to choose between you and any other! I respect your choice and I am against using the name of Islam to kill people or discriminate them. However, you are using the same tactics as fundamentalists because you think that you only detain the truth! You are here making racist comments about muslims (Islam) and not about fundamentalists! So don’t you think you are a real danger because you are spreading hatred and pushing people to hate and maybe kill muslims because of their faith?
            Otherwise, no one asked you to adopt Islam or any other religion! So why this hatred?
            I am a muslim but also a citizen that respect the rules of law and I am against fundamentalism or any kind of violence against people because of their faith, color or sexual orientation! How about you?

  • Karl Goldsmith

    Poor deluded people.

  • Rose B.

    Veal is pale in color, like pork. No wonder the customers were fooled.

  • Tom Zychowski

    What a delightful story, I love the xenophobic remarks. #sarcasm

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