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Ambassador Bush: Moroccan Americans Are a Bridge Between Morocco & the US

U.S. Ambassador Bush

Marrakech – U.S. Ambassador to Morocco Mr. Dwight Bush, speaking to a large group of Moroccan American business leaders on Friday, said that “the Global Entrepreneurship Summit held in Marrakech has exceeded all expectations.” He added that by asking King Mohammed VI to host this year’s session, “President Barack Obama meant to send a message to Morocco about the two countries’ long shared commitment to work with each other.”

Ambassador Bush, who was speaking during an exclusive discussion session organized by the Association of Moroccan Professionals in America (AMPA) for its members attending the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, said that the number of participants in this year’s GES summit had reached 5000 when the organizers had only expected 3000 participants.

A group picture of the Association of Moroccan Professionals in America (AMPA) with U.S. Ambassador to Morocco Mr. Dwight Bush in Marrakech at the sidelines of the GES 2014

Addressing the members of AMPA, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting networking between Moroccan professionals in the United States and trans-Atlantic business opportunities, Ambassador Bush said that the Moroccans living in America represent two voices in the communities where they live and work, pointing to the importance of not forgetting one’s roots.

“While I carry the title of Ambassador, indeed the people in this room who are American Moroccans are the true ambassadors,” Dwight Bush said. “You represent two voices in the communities in which you live and in which you work. You have a lot of pride in both of those affiliations,” he added.

Elisabeth Myers, AMPA member and the chair of the Women’s Entrepreneur Initiative of the Middle East and North Africa Consultants Association (MENACA) told MWN that the 2014 GES summit was truly “global.” “With more than 5,000 entrepreneurs and business leaders coming together in one place, the opportunities to meet kindred spirits, learn, and create business opportunities were unparalleled,”she said. “Ambassador Bush did AMPA a great honor in receiving a large group of AMPA members to initiate a dialogue on collaboration and partnership opportunities,” she added.

Chaouki Zahzah, President of AMPA and a Strategic Advisory Director and Entrepreneur, shared his experience with MWN. “The 5th Global Entrepreneurship Summit gathered numerous impressive and high-level speakers, creating a thoroughly interesting and original series of discussions. As such, the event provided excellent opportunities for networking, as well as a prime platform for boosting entrepreneurship and innovation opportunities for more than 5,000 participants.”

He also expressed his pride in the steady progress and economic growth that Morocco has achieved, highlighting the participation of Moroccan Americans. “As the President of AMPA, I am also very proud of AMPA’s contribution to the success of this global event on so many fronts,” Mr. Zahzah said.

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