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Morocco to Increase Cigarettes Prices in January

Rabat – Moroccan smokers could see an increase in the prices of their favorite brands of cigarettes starting January 1st 2015.

According to business weekly La Vie Eco in its December 5 issue, a request has been submitted to the Ministry of General Affairs by the Moroccan company of tobacco (SMT), a subsidiary of Imperial Tobacco, in order to increase the prices of cigarette brands most consumed by Moroccan smokers.

The company, reports La Vie Eco, wants to increase in the price of Marquise pack, (the brand most used by Moroccans), by 50 cents. While its partner Philip Morris International plans to increase the price of the Marlboro pack, (second most used brand in Morocco) by 1 Dirham. The two companies have submitted a request in the matter to the Prices and Competition Commission.

In 2013, prices of Casa, Olympic and Marquise brands were increased. The highest increases were recorded in the Gauloises blondes and Fortuna brands, moving from 22 to 25 Dirhams and 20 to 22 Dirhams, respectively.

The increase is due to a new tax that was imposed on manufactured tobacco which includes an internal consumption tax (TIC).

The business weekly went on to add that tobacco companies Philip Morris International and British American Tobacco are planning to reintroduce certain brands of cigarettes to the Moroccan market. This would include Philip Morris brands (20 dirhams) and Lucky Strike (22 dirhams).

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