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Morocco to Train 50 French Imams

Marrakech- After recently training Imams in several African countries, Morocco will train fifty Imams from France, who will arrive to the kingdom this coming January.

The trainings, which will cover the Quran and the life of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), will include supplementary lessons in science and information technology.

France plans to use these new Imams to promote an image of moderate Islam, and to fight t extremism in French mosques.

France has drawn a framework plan to protect its mosques from extremism, after a recent increase of French young people joining the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Morocco has placed great emphasis on the field of religion, and has made significant reforms in an effort to fight against the prevailing ideas that promote terrorism.

Morocco, which has previously trained Imams from different African countries, including Mali, Nigeria, and Gabon, has become a destination for training and a symbol of moderate religion in North Africa.

Reporting by El Houssaine Naaim. Edited by Timothy Filla

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