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TOR Network vs. VPN – What works better?

Rabat- Do you know that surfing the web is an amorously risky job? There are hackers and phishers everywhere, and all your activities may be monitoredby unknown third parties, whether it be on the pretext of security or just to cause you plain harm.

A great way to get around this is to use TOR and VPN.

More people are looking at Tor (The Onion Router) and VPN (Virtual Private Network)to surf the web anonymously. With more countries censoring internet and restricting freedom of speech, it is important for internet users to bypass restrictions while increasing security.

Consider this. Countries like China have Facebook banned. You cannot watch your favorite episode of The Exes unless you have a server in the United States. Using TOR and VPN allows you to overcome the geo-restricted content filters, connect to different servers around the world easily.

What does TOR do?

With TOR, it is impossible to trace your location as the internet traffic is diverted through a free, worldwide network that consists of more than five thousand relays- a reason Governments too fail to shut down Tor. You get more anonymity when it comes to visiting websites and using social media. However, you might experience slower connectivity because of online routing. TOR protects personal privacy and keeps you safe from unwanted prying eyes.

What’s with VPN?

The connection speed is faster than Tor as it’s just the VPN server between the requested site and the working computer. A specific tunnel of data is created between the user and the company network. Privacy and security is better than TOR most of the time though there have been allegations that some VPN providers keep a track log of all the users’ activities. Today, some VPN providers also have the malware protection included in the client software.

You can use TOR to surf the web anonymously, but do look at VPN if you want enhanced security from identity thieves, hackers and malwares.

When do you need to use VPN particularly?

Remember how you cannot watch The Exes unless you have a U.S. server? Well, VPN will come to the rescue here –helping you access geo-restricted video content. This is because with intermediate relays of TOR, active ISPs are often able to block geo-restricted content.
While TOR is secure for those who are outside the network, TOR users can aim to spy on other TOR users. It is easy to setup a TOR exit node to spy on encrypted traffic and in a study computer scientists found out 20 exit relays that attempted to spy on users’ encrypted traffic. So while sending sensitive content, you have to use secure websites.

What do you need to choose?

If you plan to go for the VPN service, you might need to spend as much as $60 or more a year. If you need a VPN connection with a dedicated server, the cost can shoot up into hundreds of dollars. Alternatively, you can also go for free VPN services, however, they comes with severe limitations.

On the other hand, TOR offers the best solution for anonymity. Tracing back data from the exit node would be impossible as the data would end up at a different server because of the different relays that TOR uses, and your IP address will remain unknown.
Still wondering as to who wins the war between TOR Network VS VPN ? Well, it all depends on what you need.

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