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Moroccan Woman Killed During Session of Exorcism

Rabat- A woman, who, according to her relatives, is “possessed by the devil,” was killed on Friday, following continuous sessions of exorcism performed by a “fqih” (exorcist) in Douar Beni Salah in the Tetouan region of Morocco.

The mentally ill woman in her forties, who is a mother of eight, decided to seek the aid of a fqih in her town.

Sadly, the poor woman could not withstand the continuous sessions of torture by the exorcist – believed to expel jinns (demons) from the allegedly possessed woman.

To cast out the evil spirit from her body, the Fqih loudly recited incantations and passages from the Koran, the holy book of Islam. With the help of four of his assistants, the Fqih hit her with a stick all over her body in order to “force the evil spirit” to leave her.

The fqih and his assistants were reportedly arrested and an investigation is underway to determine the circumstances of the death.

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