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Moroccan Woman Killed During Session of Exorcism

Moroccan Woman Killed During Session of Exorcism

Rabat- A woman, who, according to her relatives, is “possessed by the devil,” was killed on Friday, following continuous sessions of exorcism performed by a “fqih” (exorcist) in Douar Beni Salah in the Tetouan region of Morocco.

The mentally ill woman in her forties, who is a mother of eight, decided to seek the aid of a fqih in her town.

Sadly, the poor woman could not withstand the continuous sessions of torture by the exorcist – believed to expel jinns (demons) from the allegedly possessed woman.

To cast out the evil spirit from her body, the Fqih loudly recited incantations and passages from the Koran, the holy book of Islam. With the help of four of his assistants, the Fqih hit her with a stick all over her body in order to “force the evil spirit” to leave her.

The fqih and his assistants were reportedly arrested and an investigation is underway to determine the circumstances of the death.

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  • IVillageIdiot

    What was the nature of her “mental illness”?


    First off, ALLAH is a devil. So, he was only trying to cast out devils by the devils.

    Only in Jesus’ name do we have power over the devils.

    • Methenergy

      Allah was a Arabic word for God before there was Islam or Mohammed. It is used by some Arabic speaking Christians. Cast out devils or cast out Catholic priests in the name of Jesus. When my father was 12 years old, their Catholic priest read a list of people in their church that had not donated money to the church. My grandfather was a poor coal miner and they had no money to give. My father was so angry with the Catholic priest, that when the priest came to visit their family, my father grabbed his mother’s cast iron skillet, and chased the priest down the road and told him never to return. So my father cast out “a devil” with a skillet. Jinns or Genies (such as in the tales of the Arabian Nights) are a concept Mohammed copied from other religions existing before his birth. All good is of God, no matter what you call him. All evil is of the devil. No group has exclusive ownership of good or ownership of evil. Unfortunately, there is all too much evil to go around, and not enough good.

      • The_Infidel_01

        Yes that is all well and good, but, islam is the only religion that has ever been on earth who’s god has no name. And before you say allah is the name of god, I shall remind you god is a title not a name.

      • Oinia

        All authority comes from God. He does not universally share His authority with every person. We know this in the case of civil government, where some have authority to command that others do not. He gives full authority in the name of Jesus Christ over demons to those acting and speaking with the explicitly delegated authority of Jesus.

        Anyone who has the Holy Spirit, who believes Jesus resurrected from the dead, and who claims Christ as the Lord and Messiah, has His authority over evil. Without Christ there is no authority to command demons, and no victory over evil.


        U r wrong. ALLAH is the name of Mohammed’s tribe’s demon. When he conquered the other tribes, he kicked out their devils from the Kaaba and told them all to worship his devil, ALLAH, the moon-god.

  • Tori

    Muslims, let this be a lesson to you. You have no authority over devils.

  • Reason And Believing

    Muslims ,what the heck to do you in your exorcisms?

  • numag

    Ya think maybe beating her with a STICK had something to do with her death???

  • Jeeperz Creeperz

    HAHAHA!!! So many stupid people, so little time. Hey, I know. Let’s give free plane tickets to these people so they can take advantage of Barry’s hospitality at American tax payer expense. You know, amnesty for all. Whadaya say?

  • Dr. Cerralgine

    You misspelled orgasm.

  • Anastasia Angelopoulou

    there are 37 thousand different christian religions! 37.000 and none can agree!
    By the way, they found the tomb of Jesus and his wife and kids..with his name on the stone and everything..
    even then people will call names and blame Satan, the devil, women, slaves..not looking for or finding finding Jesus a human sacrifice for sin. and all the while priests molest your kids and you do not bat an eye.
    you know who you are.

    call on Jesus all you want if you have cancer of a broken leg, but you will still go to the hospital and be treated by doctors..atheist ones!

  • notfooledagain

    Don’t jail her…send her to the white house. She’ll get the job done on obozo.

  • Just my .02

    These people are out of control nuts, and the US keeps inviting more and more of obongo’s “friends” into our country. What’s wrong with this picture?

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