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Morocco Plans to Build 10 New Prisons in 2015

Rabat – The numbers of prisoners in Morocco are rising inside an already packed area.

Morocco’s High Delegation of Corrections (DOC) has announced on Wednesday plans to open ten new prisons in 2015 to accommodate 13,000 prisoners.

These projects are part of a larger strategy that aims to build 37 new prisons and correction facilities by 2018 that can accommodate up to 45,000 prisoners.

According to the DOC, the Moroccan prison system as a whole is currently operating at about 58 per cent capacity.

Despite efforts to counter overpopulation in Moroccan prisons, many human rights organizations have denounced the ‘bad and inhumane’ conditions in the already existing correctional facilities, especially those located in Laayoune, Fez, and Dakhla.

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