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National Coalition for Arabic condemns 2M for ‘Mocking the Arabic Language’

Rabat – The National Coalition for Arabic condemned the comedy series Al Khawasser broadcast during Ramadan on the 2M television channel.

They claim the series “mock[s] the Arabic language,” one of the kingdom’s official languages along with Tamazight.

According to the statement, 2M, which is funded by taxpayer money, has moved to a stage of an “open confrontation with the Arabic language” by broadcasting Al Khawasser during the holy month of Ramadan.

The actors in the series use a mixture of classical Arabic and Darija (Moroccan dialect). According to the coalition, this mixture is done on purpose, with the intent “to make fun of the Arabic language.”

The statement added that 2M is openly aiming to decrease the use of the Arabic language in national media.

Broadcasting Al Khawasser series on 2M TV channel is “a declaration of war against the Arabic language,” according to the National Coalition, calling on Mustapha El Khalfi, the Minister of Communication, to stop the broadcast of the series.

The National Coalition for Arabic warned that it might file a lawsuit against those in charge of broadcasting any series that stands against the official language of the country.

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