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Moroccan NGO Brings Muslims & Jews Together Around a Ramadan Iftar

Rabat – Celebrating Ramadan, the Mimouna Association in collaboration with Lubavitch Youth-Morocco held a Ramadan iftar and distributed food commodities to some 250 underprivileged families in Rabat and Sale on July 5.

Jewish and Muslim communities were mobilized to work together against vulnerability during the holy month of Ramadan. This charity event aims at reinforcing solidarity and social mutual aid amongst the various components of the Moroccan society.

The choice of July 5 wasn’t random. It is a day when both Jewish and Muslim communities fast, thus, showcasing the similarities between the religious practices in Islam and Judaism and hopefully coming forth as a token of fraternity. At the end of the day, both communities broke the fast together at an Iftar.

Speaking on this occasion, Rabbi Banon explained why they had chosen July 5th (17 Tamouza). He said it is a day that is commemorated by the Jewish community through fasting. Professor Abderrahim Nahnahi welcomed this major initiative that reflects the coexistence between Jews and Muslims and that recalls that Morocco is a land of tolerance that welcomes all communities to live together.

The major objective of this charitable event was to strengthen solidarity and social cooperation between the different components of Moroccan society and an opportunity to share and exchange with one another within a friendly atmosphere, in honor of the Moroccan tradition of coexistence.

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