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ISIS Terrorist Cell Dismantled in Morocco ‘Planned to Use Biological Weapons’

Rabat – The terrorist that busted on Thursday, is a “real commando” that planned terrorist attacks this Friday in Morocco, Director of the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ), Abdelhak Khiame, said.

The ten-member terror cell, whose members pledged allegiance to the so-called Islamic State (ISIS), was planning attacks against public institutions and civil and military figures, Khiame said at a press briefing at the BCIJ headquarters in Salé (Rabat twin city).

What characterizes this cell is the nature of weapons brought from Libya, as they are made from toxic biological and chemical substances which could be used to make explosives, in addition to its recruitment of a French citizen and a 16-year-old man who received training to carry out a suicide car bomb attack, Khiame added.

He added that the cell members, who were active in the cities of Essaouira, Meknès and Sidi Kacem, and their leader (from Laayoune), received, after pledging allegiance to ISIS, several weapons from Libya, and military training near the southern city of Tan-Tan in order to carry out terrorist operations and undermine Morocco’s security and stability.

Khiame underlined that the terror cell set up a training camp in Sehb El Harcha (20 km from Tan-Tan), adding that they chose this site because of its resemblance with the zones of ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Most of the seized arms during this operation are made in Iraq and were smuggled into the Kingdom through Libya, he said, pointing out that the pressure on ISIS in Iraq and Syria has made the group thinking about exporting its activities to Libya, which suffers from instability, and collaborating its operations with other cells in the region through providing them with arms and money.

Among the seized weapons, there were four machine guns, three revolvers, an automatic pistol, a rifle, and important quantities of ammunition and thirteen teargas bombs, four expandable batons, an electric Taser, six plastic bottles containing explosives, foreign passport, four computers and mobile phones.

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